The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The following is the second part of the political program whose first part was presented in our previous communiqué, and which we put forth to Lebanese public opinion at the occasion of the upcoming presidential election.

11 – Create links between Lebanon the homeland and Lebanon the Diaspora. Organize the widespread Lebanese emigration and put its enormous resources to the service of the Lebanese Cause. Grant Lebanese citizenship to the emigrants, and involve them in parliamentary and presidential elections and in decisions about the destiny of their homeland.

12 – Empower the Ministry of Culture to encourage literature, arts and sciences and to sponsor Lebanese creativity.

13 – Attract and encourage Lebanese brainpower that is available both inside and outside Lebanon and employ it in scientific research laboratories to contribute to human advancement and the discovery process. Modern societies are judged by the number of scientific laboratories established on their soil.

14 – Strengthen the Ministry of Tourism by elaborating a new tourism policy that is commensurate with Lebanon's distinct and rich resources in this area. Reduce the dependency of the tourism industry on summer seasons because of their limited resources and many problems.

15 – Strive to provide employment to all those in working age and offer equal opportunities to all. Combat unemployment and reduce class differences.

16 – Encourage local industries, especially light industries, and open up world markets to export Lebanese goods and services.

17 – Implement the Green Program within a few years, reclaim lands, adopt agricultural mechanization, secure the consumption of local production in order to support Lebanese farmers, improve conditions in the countryside, reduce the rate of human depletion of the Mountain, and bring an end to migration to the capital and other seaside cities.

18 – Stand up to for-hire-media by dedicating monies to support local media outlets, and forbid them from receiving monetary support from foreign sources to prevent today's media loyalties to outsiders.

19 – Eliminate the metastasizing shantytowns from around the capital and other Lebanese cities.

20 – Empower the Ministry of the Environment to transfer factories and plants from the cities to the peripheries.

21 – Adopt widespread decentralization of the administration, increase the prerogatives of the Provinces and Districts, and establish university campuses in all under-served remote Lebanese regions.

There are four requirements for the implementation of this program:

First, liberate every inch of Lebanese soil from the Syrian and Iranian occupations and their proxies as a pre-requisite for liberating Lebanese will and decision-making.

Second, have an absolute faith in the Lebanese nation with its full and unique attributes, united in its territory, people, and history, and establish foundations for secularization as a means to renewal and change.

Third, statesmen of the highest caliber are needed to execute this program, with the attributes of knowledge, heroism, and sanctity as mentioned before, who put Lebanon's highest interests above all other interests.

Fourth, dismiss the political establishment that led Lebanon to the present state of destruction until it is brought to justice in a court of law.

The Lebanese people must realize that they stand today at a historic and dangerous crossroads. They have only two choices: Either they take on the task of liberating their nation by making tough decisions with genuine determination and creative ideas that will return Lebanon to the ranks of the civilized world and to its lost glory, or they persist in a state of subjugation and submission to traditional politics that stand on half-baked solutions, dependency, subservience, surrender, rivalry, and duplicity, and keep their future dark and unknown… They have been warned!!

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,

23 April 2004