The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

At a time when Europe has embarked on a new journey for peace and solidarity among its peoples and has closed the chapter of war that devastated it for many centuries, the Middle East remains battered by wars and conflicts, and by ethnic, sectarian, and religious strife, and is the most volatile spot in the world today.

As Lebanon watches in awe the great European achievement and wishes the continent success and prosperity, it has a few words to its policy-makers about certain issues they need to consider if they want the continent to achieve genuine peace and security.

1 – They must heed the warning that the stability of Europe is to a large extent linked to the stability of the Middle East, especially since the latest expansion of the Union has reduced the geographic distance between Europe and the Middle East, and made the new members of the Union within a stone's throw from terrorist states or states that sponsor terrorism.

2 – They must recognize that the war launched by the United States against terrorism concerns them directly, and there is no avoiding fighting it side by side with the US. To do that, they must put aside their differences, disagreements, and personal interests in order to quickly defeat the plague of terrorism that threatens not only the free world, but also the whole world, with serious consequences.

3 – They must immediately contribute to stabilizing the situation in Iraq and bringing security and peace to that country as a prelude to spreading democracy in it. For the failure of America in Iraq will have an unthinkable impact on everyone, especially on Europe, given that the negative attitude of some European countries towards the war on Iraq has contributed to a large degree in intensifying the current deterioration in security there. The terrorists have been encouraged by this European posture into continuing with their crimes and engaging into further acts of mass murder extending from Riyadh to Casablanca, and from Ankara to Madrid. It is only a matter of time before Berlin and Paris are themselves the victims of such massacres.

4 – They should remember that totalitarian and theocratic regimes provide fertile ground for the production and export of terrorism, and on that basis, they should support the American project calling for the spread of democracy in the Greater Middle East and for the emancipation of its peoples from slavery, ignorance, fanaticism, and backwardness. Otherwise the hope of defeating terrorism will remain dim, if not impossible, and the war will last many more years and will harvest many more victims and innocent people.

5 – The ongoing war on terrorism may be described as World War III, and for that reason, the policy-makers in Europe ought to be aware that the partnership between Europe and America across the Atlantic is an inevitable partnership sealed by common dangers and common destiny, much like the partnership that united them in World War II against the Nazi threat.

6 – They ought not to forget that Lebanon remains an innocent prey in the web of the Syrian-Palestinian-Iranian spider. Its rescue is an urgent must and requires a deadly strike to that most dangerous and lethal terrorist spider in existence in our world today. They should not forget either that this country – small in size but great in contributions – is an example to follow in achieving the Greater Middle East objective because it is the natural and historic upholder of the principles of democracy and freedom, and of the highest of human values.

Finally, we remind the policy-makers of the Europe of what Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said: "Give me a few honorable men and I guarantee they will defeat an army of evil-doers". Let those who can hear listen!

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,

07 May 2004