The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Now that the Syrian conspiracy against Lebanon has unraveled in front of international and Lebanese public opinions, with the last chapter being the extension for 3 years of the term of the president of the Taef Republic, himself appointed by Syria to begin with,

Now that the Lebanese people is united in all its communities, denominations, and political parties against the Syrian hegemony that aims at eliminating Lebanon, erasing its national identity, and destroying this last symbol of the country’s deep-rooted tradition of democracy,

The Guardians of the Cedars Party wishes to state the following:

1 – Its complete rejection of the principle of holding elections under occupation, and its insistence on liberation prior to debating any other question on the table.

2 – Its denunciation of the charade of term extension that the Syrian regime has decided to force upon the Lebanese through its cheap local agents which it implanted in power for the specific objective of controlling Lebanon.

3 – Its call on the Lebanese people to publicly and openly declare their rejection of the continued Syrian hegemony and the jeopardy it places over their lives and destiny as a people, as well as its attempts at eliminating Lebanon’s pioneering civilizing role in this region of the world.

4 – Its call on the Free World, and especially the US Administration, the UN Security Council and the European Union to a moral awakening after many long years of deliberately ignoring the crime of absorbing Lebanon under the Syrian regime. The Free World must act with all means necessary to extricate Lebanon from the claws of that regime before it is too late.

5 – Its call on all active forces in Lebanon to a peaceful but gradually loud expression of their rejection of the humiliation, hegemony, and indignities suffered by them under the Syrian tyranny. This action should be coordinated with the latest positions by (Maronite Patriarchate in) Bkerki and the other patriotic forces of opposition to the Syrian occupation, first among which is the Free Patriotic Movement.

The Party sees that the time has come for a massive popular action against the occupation and its local agents and collaborators. International conditions have become ready for such an action as long as it is persistent and gradually stronger until the last Syrian soldier leaves the soil of Lebanon. Then, and only then, can the issue of the presidential elections and the other upcoming national events in the country’s political life resume their normal course. It is incumbent upon the Lebanese to rise up and shake off the dust of despair and hopelessness, and declare their rejection of the humiliating status quo, especially that the dawn of salvation appears within sight.

Lebanon, at your service


31 August 2004