The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

As events continue to develop both in Lebanon and internationally, Bkerki should be commended for its recent position that gave the Lebanese people a glimmer of hope that they had lost and restored to Bkerki itself its historic role as a beacon on the hill that was passed on for 1,500 years of continued struggle in the service of the Cause of Lebanon.

The statement released recently by the Maronite Bishops represents an unprecedented milestone in the history of the Lebanese tragedy now three decades old. The statement pinpointed for the first time, clearly and candidly, the source of the problem, laying squarely on Syria the responsibility for the collapse of Lebanon, the hijacking of its decision-making, the sapping of its foundations as a nation, and the elimination of its constitutional institutions.

As we praise this statement and salute its authors and signatories, we wish to express reservations on some of its passages that cite “the assistance of Syria to Lebanon in certain areas”, and the “common interests and brotherly and warm relations between the two sister countries…”, as if the fear factor continues to impose on some Lebanese the need to praise the criminal before daring to denounce his crimes.

As to the UN Security Council resolution, it comes as a balm to the deep wounds of the Lebanese people, one which restores to them their own faith in the justice of their cause and the hope of recovering their lost nation after long decades of oppression, despair and suffering. This goes to show that no right shall perish as long there is someone demanding it and no matter how long it may take.

We wish to convey to the United States, its President, Administration, and Members of Congress our heartfelt thanks, and to France, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, and all the other countries that supported the resolution and stood by Lebanon in these critical moments of its history…By the same token, we wish to condemn the position taken by those countries that opposed the resolution and worked to amend it and dilute its impact on Syria and its fascist criminal regime.

These positive developments confirm without any doubt what we stated in one of our recent communiqués, namely that the Syrian regime has cornered itself in a huge rattrap. International isolation will continue to tighten the noose around its neck each day, the politics of walking the tight rope that it has mastered will now lead to its demise, and its days in Lebanon are numbered.

The charade of the term extension that took place at the Place de L’Etoile (Lebanese Parliament) has exposed to the world the utter weakness of the present Lebanese regime, and its collaboration with the enemy, and its continued betrayal of the Lebanese people. Similarly, it has exposed the state of panic in which the Syrian occupation now finds itself in Lebanon, whereby the term extension, by violating UN Resolution 1559, has defrocked the puppet in Baabda of any international legitimacy and left him with only the Syrian legitimacy…Our congratulations to the puppet and his masters in Damascus.

In concluding this statement, we urgently call on the large Lebanese American community in general, and all our partisans and friends in particular, in the United States of America to give their unflinching and absolute support with all means at their disposal to President George W. Bush in the battle of the upcoming election as a token of loyalty, appreciation and gratitude.

Lebanon, at your service


September 4, 2004