The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

For close to two months now, the political establishment in Lebanon is busy addressing the composition of the government-to-be, with all the consultations, interferences and the greedy rush for the fat ministerial portfolios. The media have commented at length on the subject, giving the impression that the democratic process has returned to Lebanon and that the new body will make miracles and achieve in 7 months what its predecessors have failed to do in 15 years under the august Taef Republic.

Understandably, we paid no attention to the charade, nor did the people of Lebanon in their vast majority, since we know that this government will fail like all the others. Perhaps the most it will accomplish is to manage the day-to-day affairs of a country in deep crisis, even though a few new names (not from the traditional pool) have been added to the roster, including a female element that was brought in simply to give the government a civilized image.

Our reasons for condemning this government to failure are as follows:

1 – This is a government that is brought in under a dying regime led by a president whose mandate has been extended under a cloud of unconstitutionality and illegitimacy. Moreover, the political climate remains polluted by the absolute hegemony of Syria over the country. These three factors alone are sufficient to paralyze the new government, no matter how good its intentions may be.

2 – This government is compelled to tow the same political line of its predecessor Taef governments, which is based on known tenets: To cover indefinitely for the Syrian occupation; to adhere to the "unity of path and fate" with Syria; and to support the terrorist organization "Hezbollah". These are the tenets that drove the country to the present-day catastrophe, in all aspects of life, from which it has yet to emerge.

3 – The "High Commissioner" in Anjar remains the effective ruler and grantor of privilege and prerogative to anyone in Lebanon. All the rest – regime, government, parliament, etc. – is no more than a stage décor in the Syrian political structure in place since 1976. Any attempt at rescue or reform under the Syrian occupation is doomed to certain failure.

4 – This government is a clone of its predecessors. It was manufactured and packaged in Damascus then exported to Lebanon via Anjar. All the consultations, protocol and photo ops are one big lie of pseudo-democracy and a smokescreen to cover up for the occupation.

5 – The problem in Lebanon is fundamentally a political one and is organically linked to the occupation. Therefore, there are no solutions to the economic, financial, social, and other problems of the country without a solution to the occupation.

6 – The rampant corruption in the state and its institutions cannot be addressed by the classical and stale methods proposed by the new government. What is required is a policy of radical solutions, an overhaul of the general political process, and the rebuilding of the state and its institutions on the basis of revolutionary ideas. Anything short of that will keep political action in Lebanon in the realm of distraction and patching up holes in an otherwise sinking ship.

7 – In addition to the internal challenges, the new government is faced the challenges of the outside emanating from resolution 1559 and its corollaries and ramifications. This is particularly the case with mounting international pressures on both the Lebanese and Syrian regimes in the next few months.

It is no secret to anyone that the Lebanese people could not care less for this new charade, and were busy securing their livelihood and their medicines, paying their bills and their children's school costs and tuition.

No ruler or regime that makes a living prostituting itself to foreign countries, is up to its eyeballs in corruption, is incapable of fixing a single problem like the electric supply, whose foreign policy consists of an alliance with two terrorist states like Syria and Iran and the support of terrorist organizations, and that transformed Lebanon from the Switzerland of the East to the garbage dump of the Arabs, can be successful or survive for long.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz

October 29, 2004