The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Ever since the United States became the only superpower in the world, the US presidential elections turned into a global event that no longer concerns only the American people, but all the people of the world as well. The reason is because the outcome of that event has a direct impact on the future of these peoples and on the political, economic, social, and other spheres of their public lives. Which is why the entire world eagerly watched the recent elections and awaited their outcome as if they were taking place in each and every country.

Perhaps the Lebanese people were among the most interested in the US elections as they are seen as a critical factor in the immediate and future political life of Lebanon and a fateful matter impacting the very existence of the country. For those reasons, we extend our sincere congratulations to President George Bush for the great success he achieved in these historic elections, and we wish him well on behalf of ourselves and the proud Lebanese people, and great success in his new term. We are confident that he will uphold his great responsibilities to the best of his abilities and that he will overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of achieving the objectives he laid out, especially the war on terrorism and the spread of democracy in the Greater Middle East. Our affection for the American president does not stem merely from our concern for the interests of Lebanon, but from our firm conviction that he is the right man in the right place at the right time.

We say this because during his first term he showed unparalleled courage, determination and honesty, particularly in confronting the great challenges that were spawned by the events of September 11, and in making tough decisions in their aftermath. Since those events and to date, President Bush has not changed one word in his political discourse, nor has he has wavered or turned his back on a single position he has taken.

He declared war on terrorism and went to the dens of terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, eliminating their regimes, liberating their peoples from slavery and backwardness and putting them on the road to freedom and democracy. American troops are today at a stone's throw from the other bastions of terror surrounding Iraq, namely on the borders of Syria and Iran, laying a siege around them and gradually raising the stakes against them.

He promised to fight terrorists and either bring them to justice or bring justice to them, and he pursued them in every corner of the world, detaining many and eliminating many others. He continues this pursuit everywhere and around the clock, either directly or through allies he rallied to him in fighting this vicious war, in particular the regimes of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen and others. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were the first to recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan before its collapse.

He warned Syria against its continued occupation of Lebanon and its interference in its affairs, slamming a first set of sanctions on Damascus and preparing to impose yet a second set. He also sponsored UN resolution 1559, following it with a Security Council president's statement, and more is on the way.

He announced a Greater Middle East initiative, whose impact was to force Arab regimes to preventively adopt cosmetic reforms in their political, economic, social – and even educational - programs. In the educational sphere, these reforms consisted in amending those religious programs that incited hatred and violence. Arab regimes were also prompted to amend the bylaws of the Arab League by the addition of language pertaining to the protection of individual liberties and human rights, etc. These are indicators that the extant Arab regimes will be compelled to agree to the required reforms if the US maintains its pressures. This is what we expect from President Bush during his second term, and we certainly hope that this particular program will be high on his priorities given that the spread of democracy in this oppressed region of the world is at the core of the war on terrorism.

What we admire the most about this man is his unshakable faith in God, his attachment to moral values, and his absolute position in rejecting the legalization of abortion and same-sex marriage, which were part of the wave of disgusting libertinism that invaded Europe and destroyed its Christian values. We believe that this noble position was one of the most important reasons for which the American people rallied around President Bush and renewed his mandate and their loyalty to him. This shows that the American people remain attached to their Christian values and traditions that are based on moral principles, family values and human modesty.

President Bush is perhaps one of the American presidents who have suffered the most from slanderous attacks, both at home and from abroad, and many are the countries that have exceeded all norms in criticizing him and expressing hostility to him for no other reason than envy and jealousy. It is particularly telling that the media – Arab, European and worldwide – have gone too far in badmouthing him in unprecedented and focused campaigns against him, which has distorted his true image in public opinion. We indeed live in terrible times in which evil rules and truth is sacrificed for the sake of wrong. Certainly, President Bush ought to continue with a steady step without paying attention to the noise coming from parties interested only in obstructing the good people's forward march.

In conclusion, we repeat our prayers to God to strengthen the will of President Bush and shoulder him in completing his mission, so that the dream of the Lebanese people for the return of sovereignty, prosperity and true democracy to their beloved Lebanon is fulfilled.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz

November 5, 2004