The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The political establishment in Lebanon, opposition and loyalists alike, is all busy with the upcoming legislative elections, and so are the media. Everyone is talking about the new electoral law and arguing about the size of the electoral districts – small, medium and large. Some are demanding international observers to ensure the integrity of the elections. One has the feeling that the country has suddenly turned into one big ballot box, and that Lebanon's accumulated problems, as diverse as they are, will magically be resolved in this box of magic. All this, while the people have no interest in these elections, let alone any enthusiasm. To the contrary, people go on with their daily worries of making a living and paying for their medicine, school tuition, and the bills for a rationed electricity…etc.

Not that we want to minimize the importance of elections. We in fact strongly support any action that contributes to strengthening democratic life in the country. But we have, throughout our political journey, listened to people's feelings and convictions, and our positions have always been a reflection of the pulse in the street. We have often said that the voice of the people is from the voice of God, and the people right now are not interested in the elections and do not see in them the promised salvation that the opposition is predicting. And the reasons are many, of which:

For all of this, it is clear that the shortest route to terminating this anomaly called the Lebanese regime is to declare general civil disobedience and to boycott the State in all its institutions. We are confident that the regime will not last long and will collapse faster than many expect it to last.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz

December 17, 2004