Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

        Commenting on the rejection by the Taef gang brass hats of the Israeli decision to implement the Security Council Resolutions 425, the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

        After eight years of the Taef gang brass hats clamoring and wailing daily over Resolution 425 and getting hoarse over condemning the Israeli occupation of a part of the south, and after Israel's official acceptance of the Resolution and its decision to implement it, the tables were suddenly turned upside down. The Lebanese "official" position, as if moved by a wizard's wand, changed 180 and Israel's withdrawal from South Lebanon was tied with a similar withdrawal from the Golan Heights, from the West Bank and with a comprehensive peace settlement.

        More amazing is the fact that the Taef gang brass hats,who are at daggers drawn over every question, are all agreed on the rejection of the Israeli initiative and unified their positions regarding it, tuned their political speeches to a uniform rhythm, cadence and harmony.

        Everyone ignorant of Lebanese realities was stunned by this overnight blatant political circumvolution of 180°. However,all those familiar with Lebanese realities, remembering the following immutable facts,were not surprised:

  1. The password came at the last moment from the Sublime Porte in Damascus ordering the marionettes in power in Beirut to reject the Israeli initiative, not because it is against Lebanese interests, but because it doesn't suit the Syrians. As for the complementarity of the Lebanese and the Syrian tracks in the peace process, it is designed to swallow up the Lebanese track in the Syrian track.
  2. It is obvious that the marionettes in power in Beirut are not decision-makers, but only yes-men, and no sooner did the password from the sublime Porte in Damascus reach them, whether secretly or openly, than they swallowed their words and shut up.
  3. These marionettes have accepted willingly to forego their personalities and their political freedom in order to serve their masters. This desistance is not solely caused by foreign pressure; it is the result of their desistance of the least amount of self-respect, sense of honor and pride in order to deepen Syrian tutelage over Lebanon by holding him hostage for unnamed objectives, and especially to deprecate Lebanese particularities.
  4. By their capitulating position, the Taef gang brass hats have willingly turned South Lebanon into a forsaken land and offered him a holocaust on a foreign altar.
  5. And the "summit conferences"held from time to time in Damascus, are designed to quiet international disapproval as well as to give a legitimacy to the marionettes and give the impression that they are decision-makers capable of dialoguing, whereas in truth, they deal only with petty questions and squabble over trivial affairs, such as the cock duel over the matters of civil marriage, municipal elections, the competence of each member of the Troika, and the pursuit of the mirage called Presidential elections.

        The Free Lebanese, however, will continue to seek a change in this sordid state of affairs. They will never give up their quest until they achieve their objective, and they will certainly achieve it, since no right will wither as long as there is someone to back it.

At the service of Lebanon,
The Chief,

Etienne Sacre.