The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The Independence Uprising is in full swing and no one can stop it or restrain it, particularly with the convergence of the popular uprising at home with the international uprising abroad. From the course and fast pace of events, it looks like the momentum of the
uprising will continue until it achieves it stated, and perhaps also its non-stated, objectives, namely:

1 – The immediate, complete, definitive and unconditional withdrawal of Syrian forces from all Lebanese territories, along with all their security and military agencies according to UN resolution 1559 and not to the Taef Agreement as some are calling for, and putting an end to hiding behind ambiguous and deceitful language such as redeployment and partial withdrawals to the Bekaa and other frivolous slogans disseminated here and there.

2 – The resignation of the mercenary regime in all its figures, slogans, and personalities, and the transfer of power to a neutral and clean interim government to supervise the upcoming legislative elections and pave the way for a new parliament chosen by the Lebanese people in their free will and away from any outside pressure. It is important to note that the interim government of General Michel Aoun in its six members remains the custodian of the constitutional and most appropriate legitimacy to carry out this task.

3 – Referring the collaborators with the Syrian regime to the judiciary under the charge of high treason and complicity in all crimes of murder that took place on our soil during the period of the occupation, the last of which is the assassination of Rafik Hariri that took place with the full cooperation of the Syrian occupation... This demand is for now among the non-stated objectives and will be pursued in the next stages of the liberation.

And since the Syrian regime has been afflicted for a while with political amnesia and is unable to read current events, including the rapidly evolving situation around it, we see it fit to draw that regime's attention to the following:

1 – It can no longer prey on Lebanon unchallenged as usual, and the Cause of Lebanon is no longer brushed aside but is rather in the heart of the international equation. The Lebanese dossier has quickly moved on the table of the UN, Washington, Paris, London, the European Union and NATO, and has become the connecting bridge between the two shores of the Atlantic. The crime of the Rafik Hariri assassination has in turn become one of the axes of international politics. Internally, the Lebanese question has escaped from Syrian control and is now in the custody of the Lebanese people and its angry masses standing like a
sentinel on Martyrs Square.

2 – The maneuvering space has narrowed for the Syrian regime and has irretrievably passed the point of catching up and patching up, such that any talk of dialog, withdrawal in stages, changing the government and denouncing the crime in order to allow for some venting of frustration is now obsolete and useless.

3 – The Syrian regime is no loner able to continue with policies of rejectionism and obstinacy. It has to be convinced that the world has changed and the time of colonialism is forever gone. So is the age of the “Security and Reconnaissance Agency” in Anjar, the “Unity of Path and Destiny”, and the terms of “Brother” and “Sister” countries, “Privileged Relations” and “Securing the Flank of Syria in Lebanon” and all the rest of the doublespeak language.

4 – Gone also is the window for a honorable exit that some have been seeking. There is no other option but a voluntary and rapid withdrawal before the Syrian regime is forced to quit and join its twin brother the Iraqi Baathist regime.

The Lebanese people have awakened and are in the streets proclaiming their will. They have issued their condemnation with the voices of the angry demonstrators against the occupation and the assassination crime. There is no need to wait for the outcome of investigations because the people know best, the voice of the people is from the voice of God, and the anger of the people is God's own anger.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
February 24, 2005