The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

From the Arab summit, we take note of what the Libyan and Egyptian Presidents said about Lebanon:

The Libyan President said that he opposes the withdrawal of the Syrian Army because Lebanon still needs the Syrian force to cement internal stability and prevent internecine strife among the Lebanese, etc. We say to him that we do not need his advice and his nutty ideas, especially since he remains to this date the primary suspect in the disappearance crime of Imam Mousa Sadr and his two companions. He also was the major supplier of money and weapons to the Palestinian refugees in 1975 to fuel the fire of conflict in Lebanon. Those with houses of glass should not be throwing stones at others.

The Egyptian President said the assassination crime of Hariri is a trap set up by outsiders to bring Syria down. We say to him that trying to exonerate Syria of this crime and many other crimes Syria committed in Lebanon is a suspect move doomed to failure. Particularly after the issuance of the report of the interntiaonl investigative fact-finding commission and the unanimous condemnation by the Lebanese people of Syria which was demonstrated in the march to Martyrs Square in downtown Beirut on March 14. We also note the complicity of all the Arabs against Lebanon in never demanding Syria to withdraw before the issuance of resolution 1559. This belated demand by them did not come about out of concern for Lebanon, but rather out of concern for Syria and for fear of its international isolation and of more sanctions against it. Once again, we say “THANK YOU” to the Arabs, and we assure them that the disgust of the Lebanese at their phony affiliation to this pitiful Arab organization called the Arab League has reached its paroxysm and they eagerly look forward to withdrawing their membership from it.

We reaffirm all that was said and is being said about the role of the security services in the murder crime of Rafik Hariri and we support their dismissal and their referral to justice. But we do not see any finger pointing at the two political regimes, the Lebanese and the Syrian, that oversee those services. For it is impossible for a security arm of a regime, no matter how important it may be, to commit a crime of this magnitude without the knowledge and orders of the highest political authorities in the country. For this reason, and if the international investigation is allowed to take its correct course, it is certain that it will reach the officials of the Lebanese and Syrian regimes, and at the highest levels for that matter, as happened with Slobodan Milosevic...And the clock is ticking for that time to come.

As to what is repeated about the “resistance” and the need to protect it, this is absoultely illogical fiction since a resistance is by principle a protector, and does not need protection. Add to that the fact that current events have superseded by a long shot the stale tenets of a “resistance” that has been swimming against the current, and have transformed it into an entity that is foreign to the Lebanese people...Similarly, the slogans of the Syrian domination era such as “two peoples in one country” or “two countries for one people” have been buried in the crater of the Saint Georges Hotel in downtown Beirut. It is enough to see the statues of the Syrian President being toppled each day from the liberated areas of Lebanon to become convinced that the fiction of the brotherhood between Lebanon and Syria was simply one huge lie.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
April 1, 2005