The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

After the opposition had achieved great success, rallying around it the international community and the vast majority of the Lebanese people, and forcing Syria to withdraw in humiliation from Lebanon and dealing the mercenary Lebanese regime a resounding defeat, it has suddenly and quickly retreated back to its lowest point.

The danger is that the opposition has lost its luster fairly quickly and is now gradually losing the trust of the people, especially the younger generation who remain camped out on Martyrs Square. It also has lost its international capital, and the Lebanese Cause is no longer among the priorities in international venues.

The danger also is that the retreat of the opposition has given the regime time to breathe after it neared its death at the historic March 14 demonstration. The regime has now recovered its ability to maneuver and take initiative, and provided the Syrian regime with a comeback to the Lebanese scene through its local agents. The Syrian regime has now encircled the opposition and is delaying the formation of a new government in order to preempt the holding of legislative elections and push the country into a constitutional void.

Even more dangerous is that the leaders of the opposition are not united among themselves and have no common vision and objectives. They are in disagreement on a number of fundamental and sensitive issues such as resolution 1559 or the government or the elections, not to mention the opposing views on the future of the armed militias, the head of the mercenary regime and his security services. The demand for the resignation of the heads of security services, which was a unanimous demand by the opposition, has now become so limited that the security services are reorganizing their ranks, gathering their strength and readying themselves to attack the opposition again.

Some of the opposition leaders have even engaged in courtship with the figures of the mercenary regime, while others have gone so far as contacting the Syrians and coordinating with them away from the spotlight, which constitutes a stab in the back of the opposition and an insult to the Independence Uprising and the movement for change called for by the young people on Martyrs Square.

If the opposition truly wants to recover its stature and protect the great patriotic achievements it has gained so far, it must take into account the following facts:

The rapid decline of the opposition is first and foremost due to the opposition's distance from the pulse in the street, and its return to politics as usual – deception, maneuvering and hand-kissing - that have brought the country to the state of chaos it is in today and driven a deep wedge between the people and the traditional political establishment.

In the name of all honorable Lebanese and to make up for the dereliction, deception and cowardice of the politicians, we again call on the United States, France, the United Nations and all friendly countries that have stood by our Cause and helped liberate our country from the yoke of the Syrian occupation. We declare our unconditional support to resolution 1559 in all its clauses, as well as resolution 1595, and request that they listen to the young people on Freedom Square and not to the politicians.

The feebleness of the opposition at this critrical juncture of our history has brought back anguish to the hearts of the Lebanese people and has denied them the joy of savoring liberation. The Lebanese people have had it with fake leadership.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz

April 15, 2005