The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

On the 30th anniversary of the start of the War on Lebanon, we heard much that was incorrect, distorted and deceitful about the nature, causes and background of that war, including the suggestion that it was the doing of the Lebanese themselves, that it was an internecine war for religious and sectarian underpinnings... Some even went so far as to apologize and say an act of contrition for having participated in it.

In an effort to correct those misconceptions, remain true to history, Lebanon and the martyrs, and in preserving the absolute truth which we have pledged to protect as we did for Lebanon, we say the following:

1- The war in its essence was not a Lebanese-Lebanese war, neither was it between the sects that have historically lived in harmony. Rather, it was a Palestinian-Syrian-Arabist war that targeted Lebanon in its being, its people and its existence. Why then were there tens of thousands of dead Palestinians, Syrians and other mercenaries who fell on our soil during that war that was concocted , planned and choreographed in every one of its chapters, and in its objectives and targets??

2- To describe that war as civil or sectarian not only contradicts the facts but it exonerates the Palestinians, Syrians and their allied mercenaries of all the murders and massacres they committed in all the Lebanese regions, and which led to the annihilation of entire villages and towns with their children, women and elderly, from Damour to Jiyyeh and Shekka, and from Beit Mellat to Tell Abbas, Menjez, Rahbeh, Al-Qaa, Ras-Baalbeck and on and on...all the way to Beirut which suffered its share of shelling and destruction under their shells, rockets and heavy artillery. Not to mention the hundreds of missing young men who, to this day, remain lost in the dark dungeons of Syrian prisons and detention centers.

3- Our participation in that war, and with us all the honorable people of Lebanon, especially after the plot to dismantle and eliminate the army, was a sacred duty to which we flocked in all pride and honor, conducting ourselves at all the fighting fronts with professionalism and high moral standards. Otherwise, the Palestinians would have have referred to Lebanon as “Palestine” like they called the Arqub region “Fatah Land”. Instead Syria converted Lebanon into one of the provinces of their so-called “Greater Syria”.

4- We acknowledge and admit that many mistakes were made during the war, that serious atrocities and trangressions were committed, and we stongly and strenuously condemn them, particularly the battles between people of the same side, including the massacre of Ehden, the massacre of Safra, to the “War of Elimination”. Which proves two things: First, some of the leadership were not up to the purity and sanctity of the Cause, and second, these side battles were not conflicts between the sects as is commonly believed as much as they were among people within the same sect and for waged for power and money.

We shall limit to this our response to the ongoing blabber about this painful memory of our contemporary history, and to assert that the sacrifices offered by the Lebanese Resistance to stand in the way of Syrian-Palestinian-Arabist ambitions alone have the credit for, first, preserving this nation and then for liberating it...If, God forbids, the circumstances of April 13, 2005 were to present themselves again, we would do it again and we would take the same position we did then.

Destiny had it that this painful commemoration was timed with the launch of our party, as if we were destined to be twins such that our share of suffering, oppression, displacement, betrayal, slander and vilification has been greater than for others. And if destiny and fate are stronger than the will of men, we will not desist from carrying on on the path of challenges and confronting the impossible in line with our famous slogan: “Always keep your eye on the first point inside the impossible, otherwise you will remain worthless and your nation will reside in the irrelevant.”

To the comrades who remain loyal to the promise, we raise our heartfelt salute, and to the comrades who passed away and those who have been disabled, we bow in reverence and esteem.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
April 22, 2005