The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

These days, one hears the endless repetition by the media of many phrases that irk the Lebanese people and have no basis whatsoever, such as “the sacrifices Syria made in Lebanon”, or “Syria entered Lebanon to stop the 'civil' war, prevent the partition of the country, and establish security and stability”, and so on and so forth. The reality, however, is that Syria entered Lebanon with the goal of occupying it and on the ground of historic ambitions it always had over the country. Syria was behind this war from day one, and Lebanon never experienced, in its ancient or contemporary modern history, a systematic and organized campaign of destruction of its existence, its people and its economy, as the one it experienced under the Syrian hegemony that prevailed bewteen April 1975 and April 2005.

Now that the impossible has happened and Lebanon is free from the chains of slavery, now that Arab guardianship has given way to international guardianship, it has become our obligation to focus on the internal Lebanese arena and cleanse it of all the filth in preparation for the rise of the Third Republic on the remains of this corrupt Republic that is fading away with no return.

The following measures have to be adopted in order to move forward into the new Republic:

1- Purify Lebanon from the residues of the Syrian occupation, beginning with the figures and officials of the extant regime, and let them stand in court for their deliberate and continued treason in providing a legitimate cover for the occupation during the past 15 years. This, in addition to planned and pre-meditated crimes of murder, corruption and theft that were committed in complicity and solidarity with the occupiers. And if the assassination of Rafik Hariri has warranted the call for an international inquiry commission with absolute powers to uncover and punish the criminals, which is what we want and support, what about those who assassinated a nation and slayed an entire people? Don't they deserve an inquiry commission to hold them accountable and punish them accordingly?

2- Abrogate all the treaties of submission that Syria imposed on Lebanon through its collaborator Lebanese regime, particularly during the 1990-2005 period, and review all group naturalizations and the wholesale selling of land to foreigners that took place during that dark period. As to the future relation between Lebanon and Syria, it must be conducted solely on the basis of permanent caution and wariness.

3- Reassess the Taef Agreement after it proved to be a monumental failure in all its dimensions. It converted the State into a three-headed monster that constantly fought and reconciled. A return to the 1926 constitution is required, given that the fault never lied in the constitution itself, but in those who were entrusted with it.

4- Begin laying the foundations for a secular State to meet the times in which we live, in which there is a separation between Religion and State, and which eliminates sectarian governance from both the texts and the minds.

5- Recover the Lebanese identity after it was lost somewhere between the Mediterranean and the Gulf, and stay removed as far as possible from Arab politics. A relationship of peers must be established in dealing with the neighboring countries, especially with Syria because of its perennial coveting of Lebanon.

This political agenda requires decent people who have the integrity and the competence necessary to tranform Lebanon from a primitive State to a modern one based on knowledge and a forward-looking vision that matches the enormous sacrifices of its people, and the aspirations and hopes of its younger generations.

Lebanon is on the threshold of a new age, the winds are friendly – both internal and external – and the opportunity is wide open today more than ever before. No to a return backwards to politics as usual, no to the traditional politics of patching up and half-baked solutions. History is unforgiving, and the people now have discovered their power.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
April 29, 2005