The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The people have had it with the political status quo these days. They are unhappy with loyalists and opposition alike. Evidently, the loyalists, with their Syrian tags still intact, maintain their grip on the State's institutions in flagrant violation of the most basic tenets of a liberation that has just been completed. But more so, the people are unhappy with the opposition because, first, it claims to be the one who delivered on liberating the country. Second, the sharp divisions within the opposition ranks in the recent past have not come about as a result of patriotic motives but more so for election and personal interests that are in total disconnect with the magnificient unity of the people displayed in Freedom Camp on Martyrs Square. Third, it aborted the Independence Uprising and emptied it of its substance. Fourth, the slogans raised by the Lebanese people during their massive marches have all been trashed by the opposition's defeatist posturing. And fifth, and most importantly, the dream for change of an entire people has been crushed under the weight of accommodations and concessions.

For all these and other reasons, the Lebanese people's joy at liberation has not materialized, and they have not celebrated as they should the long-awaited return of independence, sovereignty and freedom. In fact, there is the realization among the majority of Lebanese that there are some among the leaders of the opposition who are trying to destroy the gains of the Independence Uprising, namely the push for change that the people eagerly yearn for.

The Lebanese people are now convinced that the political establishment – both of the loyalist and opposition camps – no longer represents the aspirations and hopes of the future generations and is unable to lead the country to the much-desired reform. The liberation from the Syrian occupation, even if it took place on the ground, will not be politically completed as long as the political class with its fossilized intellect continues to rule over the destiny of the country with a centuries-old traditional political mindset that seeks only to secure the transfer of political inheritance from fathers to sons and grandsons. Needless to say that most members of this political establishment have contributed, one way or another, to the occupation by preparing a fertile ground for it, or by calling it in, or by complicity with it, or by covering up for it over the past three decades.

And the people now know that liberation will not be complete as long as the agents of the Syrian occupation remain free and not behind the prison bars where they belong, and as long as the mercenary regime honors the officers of the occupation with medals and awards in appreciation for their crimes, and as long as the armed mini-states continue to violate the sovereignty of the State, and as long as the international position on Lebanon remains far ahead of local positions, and as long as the State's institutions and departments remain corrupt and decrepit, and as long as there are missing Lebanese in the prisons of Syria and the ruling gangs are silent on their endless plight. In sum, liberation will not be complete as long as the people and the State remain separated by a wide chasm, and the overall political performance does not meet the aspirations of the young people on Freedom Square.

Let there be no surprise then if popular resentment turns into anger, and anger into a second “Uprising of Change”, and the uprising into a revolution that will sweep this time the political establishment in its entirety, loyalists and opposition included.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
May 6, 2005