The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The Lebanese people have high hopes in the return of General Aoun to Lebanon. They see it as a milestone on the road to change that is taking place in the country. They believe that their joy will not be complete unless several objectives are met which may be summarized as follows:

1- Consolidate national unity to preserve the strength of the unified ranks, further the broad national coming together, and close all internal gaps from which outside enemies can infiltrate as happened in 1990.

2- Bring together the various opposition forces around a single political platform inspired from the Independence Uprising, agree on unified electoral lists in order to defeat the present ruling political structure that is made in Damascus, bring forth a Parliament that is Lebanese in identity and orientation, and complete the liberation process to rid the country of the remnants of the Syrian occupation that maintain their grip on power and stand ready to destabilize the country and wreck havoc with its security.

3- Proclaim the rise of the Third Republic in compliance with the will for change of the Lebanese people, begin preparing the ground for that Republic through laying the foundations for a modern State that is tune with the spirit of the time, restitutes the confidence of the world in Lebanon and the trust of the Lebanese in their State, and brings the potential of Lebanese emigration back to the homeland.

The General undoubtedly knows that the people are worried about their future and are not satisfied with the political bazaar presently running rampant in the country, especially among the ranks of the opposition. The worst that can happen now is for the gains of March 14 to waste at the door of the elections. Therefore the General's responsibility is commensurate with the great hopes that have been placed in him and the wide popularity he enjoys. What the people want most is for his return to realize his dream of change after he has achieved his dream of liberation.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
May 13, 2005