The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Although much hype has been built around the elections, ordinary Lebanese have no interest in them as some observers seem to believe. People will not rush to the ballot boxes like they did to Martyrs Square on and before March 14. The reasons are many, and here are a few:

1) - The ongoing elections campaign lost its authentic democratic meaning long before it started. Instead, it has become a battle for drawing up lists and not a popular referendum, which means that most of the candidates who have added – or managed to sneak – their names into the principal lists were imposed on the people and are guaranteed victory even before the elections take place. In other words, these are not elections; these are mere appointments.

2) - Most of the candidates' names slated for victory are old, traditional or inherited, or even represent politicians from the Syrian era, they do not represent the kind of change that inspired the dreams of the young people of March 14. What remains of that dream is a painful nostalgia for the greatest day in Lebanon's history and one of the most fantastic liberation battle in modern times.

3) - The opposition has lost a lot of its capital with the people when it deemed that Lebanon's true battle ended with the departure of the Syrians, and when it accepted among its ranks a number of opportunists, careerists and other political mercenaries who wrapped the red and white around their necks and walked in front of demonstrators as if to score an electoral mea culpa with the people.

4) - Some of the leading figures in this opposition continue to this day to reject UN resolution 1559, to which we owe the most for liberating Lebanon, and they continue to call for privileged relations with Syria, which goes against the very angry voices of the people who marched against Syria on March 14 and at all the preceding marches and sit-ins on Martyrs Square.

5) - The existing electoral law will open the door wide open for the return of large pro-Syrian parliamentary groups to Parliament, especially in the Bekaa and in the South. This will restore respectabilty to the armed militias and reinforce the idea of accepting the logic of little states within the one State.

6) - The overwhelming feeling among people is that the much awaited change by the new same-old Parliament will not go beyond temporary patch up solutions, and will not be commensurate with the greatness of our people and their great sacrifices.

With all this, they have the gall to ask the people to be part of this political charade, vote in large numbers and “elect” prefab lists that are guaranteed to return to power the same people that brought the country down to its knees and into the abyss. What is required is a democratic revolution and another March 14 that will this time sweep Nejme Square and not Martyrs Square, and which will occupy Parliament until further notice.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
May 20, 2005