The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The assassination of journalist Samir Kassir has many implications, primarliy aimed against freedom in the absolute since freedom is enemy number 1 of totalitarian regimes, chief among them being the Syrian regime. Which explains Syria' chronic hatred of Lebanon and its incessant attemtps at eliminating it as a country by eradicating its deeply rooted freedoms.

The assassination is consequently also aimed against the Lebanese people in general and their Independence Uprising in particular, which has accelerated the eviction of the occupation through sit-ins and massive marches and has destabilized the pillars of the Syrian regime and lit a beacon of freedom for the oppressed peoples in the neighborhood.

The assassination is directly aimed at the opposition in all its figures and activists and every one who participated in one way or another in the liberation of Lebanon from Syrian hegemony.

Two principal messages, among many, are to be read in this abominable crime:

First, the danger that Syria poses to Lebanon remains imminent. Its occupation has not ended and its security cells remain active inside the country. The roaming series of assassinations and acts of terror is likely to continue unabated and on the increase, and there is no security umbrella to protect anyone.

Second, the Syrian regime that is capable of striking at the stability of Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories, can with a far greater ease destabilize Lebanon since it knows its vulnerabilities and is itself an expert in the culture of terror and the elimination of others.

The shameful disintegration of the opposition will facilitate the destructive task of Syria and gives it a hand in its plans for revenge. The leaders of the opposition must put their differences aside and promptly return to their March 14 state of mind. They must act with the inspiration of the Independence Uprising, complete the task of liberation, evict the merchants from the temple and cease their trumpeting of sectarian instincts...Otherwise they stand to lose everything.

To denounce the crime is not enough, and to refer the matter to the Judiciary Council is useless, if not outright dangerous, since it will lead to the watering down of the investigation as has happened with all investigations of previous crimes that were refrerred to the Council. Instead, the international community needs to be prodded to include the investigation of the Kassir assassination on the agenda of the inquiry committee mandated with the dossier of the Hariri assassination. This is not only a political crime that is identical to the Hariri assassination, but because the uncovering of the criminals behind the killing of Kassir will certainly lead to those who killed Hariri, and vice-versa. The perpetrator is the same in this criminal series.

The opposition bears enormous consequences. Either it shoulders them with courage and professionalism or it should bow out before the people deals it a blow similar to the one it previously dealth the loyalists.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
June 10, 2005