The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

Since the promulgation of UN resolution 1559, a few politicians have occasionally argued against replacing one tutelage with another, in reference to replacing the Syrian tutelage with an international one. Given the implications of such language that contains erroneous facts, ill intentions and an attack on the truth, and in order to prevent this argument from being exploited during the coming political season by sheer repetition, we see it necessary to issue the following rebuttal:

1 – “Tutelage” cannot apply to both the Syrian and international presences in Lebanon, because the former is full-fledged hegemony, domination and occupation, while the latter is a sponsorship that came about to rectify an anomalous situation that had lasted thrity years.

2 – The two conditions cannot be compared. The Syrian condition has brought Lebanon to the brink, whereas the international condition has resuced it in extremis and put it back on the path to salvation. Thanks to international intervention, the Lebanese people have recovered their hijacked country, and were it not for international intervention, Syria could have succeeded in achieving its now-defunct design to dissolve Lebanon as a country and absorb it into the Syrian entity.

3 – Similarly, all honorable Lebanese patriots greatly value this international sponsorship, even if came late, and they are grateful to the international community for all it has done, and continues to do, for their country. They hope that this sponsorship will continue and expand to include the economic, social, financial and other sectors until Lebanon is completely back on its feet.

By the same token, honorable Lebanese are united in rejecting another Arab tutelage to replace the Syrian one, since flagrant Saudi interference in Lebanese political life has emerged in an attempt at taking the place of a diminishing Syrian influence. This rejection comes against the background of the painful experiences that the Lebanese people have had with Arab regimes who have colluded and conspired in turn, directly and indirectly, against Lebanon by supporting both the Palestinian and Syrian occupations over the past three decades.

Since the Arabs have failed Lebanon and all regional solutions have led nowhere but downhill, the internationalization of the Lebanese issue is the solution and anyone who stands in its way is a traitor.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
June 17, 2005