The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The undeclared land blockade that Syria has recently imposed on Lebanon refutes all of Syria's deceptive slogans of the past thirty years about “common destiny”, “privileged relations”, “brotherly ties”, and “unity of path and destiny”, not to forget the farcical “two countries-one people” and “two peoples in one country”...and on to the last drop of duplicity and deception behind which Syria hid to justify its occupation of Lebanon.

This blockade, that has no justification but the thirst for vengeance and revenge, de facto abrogates all the treaties of subjugation that were coerced on Lebanon by Syria, and by extension voids the so-called Syrian-Lebanese Higher Council. The blockade in fact reaffirms the following facts:

First, the Syrian regime is a par excellence a colonialist regime with an aggressive-oppressive nature that refuses to recognize the existence of Lebanon as an independent State, and insists on dealing with Lebanon from a logic of hegemony, superiority and exclusive monopoly.

Second, it is an illusion to believe that Syria today is amenable to taming and is capable of modifying its aggressive behavior towards its neighbors, particularly Lebanon. This can only happen after its regime turns liberal and its society turns democratic.

Third, the historical enmity that governs Syria's relations with Lebanon cannot be eliminated by negotiations, courtesy visits and sirupy language as some politicians seem to think. This anomaly can be corrected by strengthening Lebanon, tightly controlling its borders with Syria, and reinforce its internal immunity in order to force Damascus with time to become convinced that controlling Lebanon and eliminating its existence are impossible.

In the meantime, the Lebanese State should quit trying to resolve the border issue with Syria by political means. Instead, it should strengthen its maritime and air ports in order to facilitate the transport of Lebanese-made and transit goods across the country, and do away with land trading ports until further notice and such time as Syria is convinced that shutting its borders brings far greater harm to Syria than to Lebanon.

As part of this ongoing Syrian aggression against Lebanon, one ought to include the series of assassinations and bombings that continue periodically at regular intervals for the past several months. The intent is to strike at several objectives at once: 1. Extract vengeance on Lebanon and destabilize its security like Syria did in Iraq. 2. Liquidate its Lebanese adversaries, beginning with its former allies who turned against it. 3. Divert attention away from Syria's involvement in this sequence of crimes by attacking its former allies in order to confuse the investigation and distance itself from suspicions against it.

To denounce, condemn and complain, as politicians do after each bombing crime, does not help the Lebanese people. Instead, it adds to their despair and disgust. What is useful is to confront the anomalous Syrian state of affairs with courage and determination, and to take unusual and radical measures. Otherwise the Lebanese scene will go on to greater and greater deterioration and complexity.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
July 15, 2005