The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

With its typical insolence, Damascus is demanding that the Lebanese government compensate it for the death and injuries of a few Syrians that occurred during the Independence uprising. The Syrian government further claims that the Syrian people feel “distressed” as a result of how Syrian loyalty is being treated, and asserts that the exchange of diplomatic missions between the two countries is being delayed until this “distress” is eliminated. It has also complained about the stone-throwing incident against two Syrian trucks by some Lebanese...

It is beyond the scope of this short statement to enumerate the crimes committed by Syria – and those it continues to commit – in Lebanon every day, and which have surpassed in their savagery and frequency anything that one can even describe or imagine. This would require huge volumes. But one thing we can be sure of is that the revenues of the Syrian Treasury for the next one hundred years will not be enough to cover for the human, material, and emotional losses suffered by the Lebanese people during the past years of Syrian occupation. Incidentally, it is a good thing that the Syrian government has opened this file because it will soon find itself in the accused dock at the International Court of Justice, now that a number of Lebanese lawyers have prepared the required dossiers to take the Syrian government to trial there for all the crimes it has committed. People in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

As to the distress felt by the Syrian people, its real cause is the forced and humiliating retreat from Lebanon after the Syrian regime failed for thirty years to Syrianize the country and tame the Lebanese people and break their will for liberation and emancipation. The pinnacle of insolence is to speak of loyalty and demand that the victim be grateful to the executioner for all the crimes the latter committed against the former. Yet again, this is further proof that sadism, insolence and criminality are prominent attributes of the Syrian regime, especially when they blame the Lebanese for throwing stones on their trucks, forgetting the shelling of our residential neighborhoods and cities with their missile launchers. Truly, is there any greater insolence than this?

As to the exchange of diplomatic missions between the two countries, the honorable Lebanese refuse the opening of a Syrian Embassy in Beirut at the present time because it will inevitably be turned into a den of terrorism and Intelligence Services, and a center for destabilizing and fomenting trouble in Lebanon. What is required today is to create an isolating security wall that separates Lebanon from the tyrannical and insolent desert winds.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
uly 22, 2005