The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

The new Lebanese government has deliberately ignored mentioning resolution 1559 in its ministerial statement, for fear of angering the so-called “Resistance”. Instead, the government resorted to fuzzy wording that appeases the international community such as “Lebanon respects Security Council resolutions and supports their implementation...”.

This feeble position vis-a-vis an international resolution that was the strongest driver for liberating Lebanon does not augur well, but rather indicates that the Lebanese regime continues to fall short in its ability to handle the burning internal issues, the present challenges, and the rapid transformations at the regional and international levels. This makes us less than optimistic with respect to a promising start for the new government in spite of its categorical pledge to carry out administrative and economic reforms and “eradicate all facets of widespread corruption”. This is so because administrative reform is organically coupled to political reform and not vice-versa, for a corrupt body politic does corrupt the administration. Since political corruption in Lebanon remains overwhelming, and the barons of treason, organized theft, and unlawful acquisition of wealth remain in their posts, then the presumed administrative reform will never fulfill its stated objectives.

This government may partiallly succeed in improving the operations of public institutions, fighting some of the corruption, reducing public spending and limiting some of the squandering, especially since it is free from the burden of the coercive and exorbitant kickbacks previous governments had to pay to the Syrians in the sectors of the ports, the cell phone, the Casino, the electricity and many others under the occupation. In the aggregate, those payments exceeded several billions of dollars. However, the new government will fail in achieving a radical and comprehensive reform revolution such as the one the Lebanese people dream of.

We also believe in the inevitable failure of the new government in foreign affairs for at least two reasons: First, because its position vis-a-vis UN resolution 1559 remains very general and lacks any commitment to implement it in the forseeable future. Instead it is running forward in the hope of delaying the crisis. Second, because it tried to appease everyone, both domestically and externally, at the expense fo the truth. Those who attempt to please everyone at the expense of the truth end up alienating everyone including the truth.

To those at the helm I say, all it takes is a little courage. Otherwise, all will be in vain.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz

July 29, 2005