The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué

What took place on the morning of August 30 is a far-reaching step on the way to lift the mask off the faces of those who killed Rafik Hariri and his companions. It is also a quantum leap on the road to reform and change in the corrupt institutions, especially the Judiciary and the Security Services, and their rebuilding on foundations of seriousness, courage and integrity. This is because the historic precedent created by Mr. Detlev Mehlis will be from now on an example to follow in moving from a State of corruption, cronyism and bullying of the weak to a State that respects the rule of law and puts everyone beneath the law no matter how important those who violate it may be.

The phenomenon of arresting the leaders of the security services, placing them under investigation and raiding their homes in a manner unprecedented in the history of modern Lebanon, has caused a positive shock in people and left a feeling of relief in their anxious minds. It broke the cycle of terror that has ruled the country and placed Lebanon on the path to the effective liberation from the Syrian occupation and its criminal residues that, until the recent past, continued to sow death in the streets and residential neighborhoods, and track peaceful people into their homes.

As for the intimidation campaign that is led by the agents of Syria who have suffered from the results of the inquiry, it no longer scares the Lebanese as it used to in the past, since the fear planted by the Syrian-Lebanese security regime in the minds of the Lebanese for years is gradually waning at the beat of positive developments taking place on both the Lebanese and the international stages beginning with resolution 1559, and on through the March 14 popular movement and its resulting evacuation of Syrian forces on April 26, and ending with the arrest of the generals of that regime on August 30. The elimination of the state of fear will not be complete until the day the political leaders, who gave orders to the security leaders to carry out the assassination, are themselves apprehended.

Similarly with the campaign of defamation and the doubting in the integrity of the investigators will not advance or delay the course of the investigation that has taken off, it seems, with confident and stable steps towards its ultimate goal, namely to get to all the participants in the commission of the crime from the top of the hierarchy down, because time has come to pay up the bills, and going back is no longer possible. Therefore, it is not surprising if we were one day to see the President of the Syrian regime himself squatting in a solitary cell with his partner the President of the Lebanese regime, next to Slobodan Milosevic in the international prison of The Hague.

What took place on August 30 augurs a new and promising dawn in Lebanese life. Thank you Mr. Mehlis and a salute to all the Honorable Lebanese, for it is in the likes of you that the State of Law and Institutions is built, and not like that impotent degenerate who is entrenched in the palace of Baabda.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
September 2, 2005