Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate


    Upon listening to the long-winded declaration made by Abdul Hamid Khadam, the Syrian Vice President to the Near East station, the Guardians of the Cedars- National Lebanese Movement encountered many blunders, in particular;

  1. He said that the situation in Lebanon is good,and that he had outpaced the most dangerous stages; whereas he knows full well that the present situation is worse than bad. As a matter of fact, Lebanon is critically ill under the pending Syrian tutelage, and is traversing the most critical situations on all levels: political, economic, financial, psychological. He will not pass beyond this malignant crisis before overthrowing this tutelage which has crippled his political life completely.
  2. He said that the 18 years of civil war have destroyed everything; that the Lebanese used to solve their differences with the canon. He has omitted to mention that Lebanon also fought a war against the Palestinians and the Syrians; nor did he mention the Syrian shells and rockets that rained over our capital and our towns and villages all through those 18 years, and that they stopped only after annexing the Eastern Sector to the dreadful Syrian occupation. He, himself, an eminent expert in the age -old policy of "divide and rule", also forgot to mention that the civil war was the result of the discord sown by his government among Lebanon's unruly politicians.
  3. He said that the Lebanese Prime Minister has exerted great efforts to bolster Lebanon's position, whereas, deep inside, he knows that Lebanon's position is completely shattered during his inauspicious rule, and that even the minimum rights of Lebanese individuals and communities are crushed and obliterated.
  4. He said that whoever claims that Lebanon is facing economic collapse is looking through a black veil, whereas, deep inside, he knows that blackness has encircled Lebanon the moment Syrian troops invaded him, and that vast majority of the Lebanese are on the brink of disaster: some are even facing famine, whereas others, seeking a job, cannot find it because foreigners, Syrians in majority,- are stealing away their jobs and livelihood so thoroughly that most of our people are now unable to make both ends meet.
  5. He said that the regional situation is such that the Presidential elections can be held. But the question is of what elections is he speaking, now that in Lebanon, Syria has replaced elections by nominations so effectively that all the Lebanese officials, from the top to bottom of the scale, owe their office to appointment, and all the fresh candidates have already started to crawl to Damascus in order to present an examination of "aptitude".

    The indisputable truth is that no one has mastered political harlotry as perfectly as this person. Nevertheless, we warn him that people have wakened up to his tomfoolery and will be duped no more. The time of verity has fallen and his actions will force him and everyone who has worked against Lebanon and distressed the Lebanese to give account for his actions.

At the service of Lebanon,

Etienne Sacre.