The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué

Whenever we read a statement by a politician in Lebanon, our conviction grows that the calamity of the Lebanese resides in their leaders and nowhere else, and that there will be no salvation so long as those politicians remain at the helm of power and decision-making.

Recently, one of the princes of politics made a statement commenting on developments on the Lebanese scene as follows: “Resolution 1559 will lead to the neutralization of Lebanon and the opening of its borders with Israel like the May 17 (Accord), and to change the ideology of the Army from a protector of the Resistance to a confrontation with it and an enemy of Syria that represents the Arab depth...” And he goes on saying, “We reject substituting Arab custody for Western custody under the slogan of Lebanese sovereignty, something which will drag the country to lose its Arab identity and return it to ideological and political isolationism...” And he concludes by demanding the protection of the “Resistance” and the organizing of the weapons of the Palestinians inside the camps in the form of military units similar to the Palestine Liberation Army in Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

We decided to respond to this statement for two reasons, so we do not remain trapped by this cycle of political heresy that has destroyed Lebanon, and so that political insolence does not continue to control the destiny of the country, and our response is, as usual, in the name of the honorable Lebanese.

1- We said and we reiterate that we stand with resolution 1559 in spirit and in letter, and without any reservation. We are with the implementation of every one of its provisions and all that they entail in consequences, especially if they lead to extricating Lebanon out of the regional conflicts, be they Arab-Arab or Arab-Israeli.

2- And if opening the borders with Israel secures Lebanon's highest interest, then there is no objection to that. The Israeli flag has been fluttering in the skies of Cairo, Amman and Nouakchott for many years, let alone the Israeli diplomatic missions and liaison offices that are secretly open in a number of the Arabian Gulf countries and North Africa...The abrogation of the May 17 Accord was a monumental mistake, particularly when Parliament unanimously approved it.

3- And we support changing the Arabist ideology of the Army that was imposed by the Syrian occupation. We support a return of the Army's authenticity and its pure Lebanese roots. We endorse the disarming of the so-called resistance, in addition to the disarming of the Palestinian refugees until not a single spot remains outside the reach of the legitimate Lebanese authorities.

4- We also welcome replacing the Arab custody with the Western one after Lebanon has suffered extremely from the Arab custody in general and the Syrian in particular. It should be recalled that the Western custody is the one that evicted the Syrian occupation army from Lebanon, whereas the Arab custody is the one that got it into the country by virtue of the Riyadh Agreement of 1976 and provided it with a legal cover until the very recent past.

And if this “leader” considers our discourse to be an isolationist one, he should know that we prefer isolation inside Lebanon's borders to spreading ourselves wide open to a backwards and ignorant Arabism that brought nothing to our country but disasters.

And if he insists on establishing privileged relations with Syria in spite of all the crimes that it committed in Lebanon, we ask him: Why has he been hiding in his house and does not leave it for months?? Is he afraid to be killed by Israel or Syria?? And let him tell us who killed the Lebanese figures beginning with his own father in 1977 and ending with Rafik Hariri?? Is it Israel or Syria?

Truly, this man suffers from political Masochism!!!

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
September 9, 2005