The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué

In response to the statement by the Office of the Prime Minister dated Sept. 14, 2005, and in the aftermath of the arrest of the party's board of leaders, the President of the Guardians of the Cedars Party-The Movement for Lebanese Nationalism has issued the following statement:

1- The Party has since its beginnings on April 13, 1975 believed in the quintessential Lebanese identity of Lebanon, and it rejected and continues to reject associating the nation with external attributes that are foreign to its original identity, its authentic traditions and its glorious heritage.

2- The Party has since 1990 declared its rejection of the Taef Agreement that has falsified Lebanon's identity and converted the State into a three-headed monster whose three heads sometimes reconcile and sometimes fight, which has contributed greatly to a triage of the Lebanese people into sectarian quarters. It also has caused a defect in the structure of the State, a paralysis at the level of the official and constitutional institutions, and the impoverishment of the country and the draining of the Treasury. On that basis, we demanded and continue to demand a return to the Constitution of 1926 which is one of the best constitutions in the world, pending the abrogation of Article 95 and making the post of President of the Republic open to all the Lebanese without discrimination among them except for merit and competence as was stated in the press conference.

3- The slogan “Not one Palestinian will remain on the soil of Lebanon” is the official slogan of the Party, which we launched in 1975 and to which we remain attached, keeping in mind that this slogan, which effectively means a rejection of the settling of the Palestinians permanently in Lebanon, has become the State's official slogan and one of its political pillars. As to the expression “Each Lebanese must kill one Palestinian”, it is one of the residues of the war and does not constitute a conviction within the Party, and it was not mentioned whatsoever at the last press conference. Rather, it was insinuated for the purpose of muddling as evidenced by the fact that the As-Safir daily was the only one to publish it from among all the media that attended the conference and who can testify to its contents. For the occasion, we declare that the Party was the only one among all the parties to keep a clean slate and maintain a steady purpose. It always held high the fighter's honor and never used its weapons outside the battlefronts or beyond the Party's high ethical standards, for which it became famous and to which everyone can bear witness.

4- Everyone knows that the judicial apparatus, like the rest of the State's institutions, was entirely or partially under the control of the Syrian hegemony, and that many court decisions and judgments came pre-packaged from Damascus by way of Anjar. This is particularly true of the dark “Addoumist” era and all that it encompassed in arbitrary legal actions and endless scandals such as the Al-Madina scandal and others and others... How else can we explain the wrongful sentences that came down against General Aoun and the activists of the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces and others? And if they truly cared for the judiciary like we do, why don't they please uncover for us the killers of the four judges in Sidon on the bench itself!!!

Before concluding, we would like to ask the following questions to those who care so much for Arabism in Lebanon:


What has Arabism done to stop the barbaric Palestinian onslaught on Lebanon from 1969 and until 1976? Has Arabism moved a finger to stop the horrifying wholesale massacres that the Palestinians and their agents committed in Damour, Jiyyeh, Aishiyyeh, Aintoura, Tal-Abbas, Rahbeh, Shekka and others and others, killing children, women and the elderly, and sparing neither the material nor the sacred of properties??

What has Arabism done to stop the Syrian conquest of Lebanon that violated the land, the people, the existence and the sovereignty?? And did Arabism prevent the Syrian from assassinating Lebanese figures one after the other, from Salim Al-Laouzi to Kamal Jumblatt, from Nazim Al-Qaderi to Riyad Taha, from Sheikh Hassan Khaled to Sheikh Mohammad Assaf, and from Sheikh Taha Al-Sabounji to Sheikh Bashir Gemayel and Rene Mouawad, and finally from Rafik Hariri to Samir Kassir and George Hawi??

And if the freedom of expression and speech remain banned in Lebanon as it was during the Syrian occupation, so what has then changed after liberation and after March 14?? And where has the Cedars Revolution gone? And where is the climate of freedom and democracy that everyone praises??

Therefore, the Party, and with it all the honorable Lebanese, demand the immediate release of Habib Younis, Joseph Taouq and Naji Aoudeh and the rest of the colleagues and the issue of an apology for the harm they suffered.

As to the statement by the Socialist Progressive Party, we will not respond to it because it does not deserve the honor of a response.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
September 15, 2005