The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué

The expressions of condemnation and denouncement that we hear after each crime are no longer enough to stop this ongoing cycle of terrorism which struck yesterday one of the most prominent figures in the Lebanese media, and through her, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC).

And in the face of this growing criminal series of attacks and the flagrant incompetence of the authorities at stopping or stemming it, the government is left with only two choices: Either it resigns as governments do in those advanced societies that respect themselves and their people, ceding the helm to others who are able to protect the citizens at least in their security and their lives; Or it makes up its mind and quickly uncovers the criminal perpetrators and those who stand behind them, as happened in Britain after the latest London bombings.

But for the government to remain standing and gaze over the site of the crime disapproving and lamenting, while the murderers roam free in broad daylight ready to strike at will against whomever they wish at a time and place of their choosing, is simply unacceptable and illogical.

As we add our voice to the chorus with the family, friends and supporters of Ms. May Chidiac, we wish her a long life, a speedy recovery and a shining reappearance on the television screen. We also declare our solidarity with the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, wishing for it to always remain the pioneering beacon of information that is devoted to disseminating free speech and courageous opinions.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
September 26, 2005