The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communique:

Like many people, we thought that the elimination of the Syrian occupation will carry Lebanon from a state of despair to a state of hope, and from a handicapped State to a sound healthy one. But what happened is exactly the opposite. Divisions between the people at the helm have increased in virulence and intensity, and the government is more like a disjointed assemblage that is impotent and paralyzed. The economic situation continues to decline and the crisis remains at a standstill. Corruption in the administration continues to be the rule and weapons pour into the Palestinian camps, which reminds us of the pre-War period. Insecurity remains at an all-time high and the ordinary citizens are being slaughtered on street corners in this free-for-all farm we call the State.

Even the political center has been lost in the post-March 14 State. During the Syrian occupation, with all its ugliness, there was a single political center whose place and identity were well known. But today, it seems lost between Baabda, Qoraytem and Ain El Tinneh, not to forget a fourth center, which is the Southern Suburb where are headquartered the fundamentalist movements. The influence of these movements is increasing by the day, not only in their participation in government and their own allocations of security and administrative appointments, but also in the orientation of the State’s domestic and foreign policies in a manner that furthers their own interests and the interests of the Syrian-Iranian alliance. This culminated recently with their objection to the use of American experts in the search for criminals and bombers under the pretense that this was a violation of Lebanese sovereignty, whereas the use of Syrian or Iranian experts would have, according to these fundamentalist movements, protected Lebanese sovereignty!!

We acknowledge the success of this unpromising government in three areas: First, it has managed to deepen the despair of the Lebanese to the point where they feel nostalgic of the worst occupation they have known in their recent and past history. Second, it has destroyed the dreams of the young people of the country and has encouraged those who remain behind to emigrate, having despaired of the reform promises that never materialized. Third, it has arrested the leaders of the Guardians of the Cedars Party as if they were behind all the material and moral destruction of the country, ignoring in the process that the last member in the Party is more honorable than all the political hounds that have ruled Lebanon since 1943 and converted it from the Switzerland of the Middle East into the garbage dump of the Arabs!!!

To this unpromising State, we express all our feelings of anger, disgust and contempt.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz
October 7, 2005