The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following weekly communiqué:

It is an illusion to believe that this government will ever stand on its feet with all the little independent or semi-independent statelets that coexist with it on the national soil, and the many illegal armies next to the legitimate army. An even greater illusion would be to believe that these statelets and armies will agree to surrender their weapons and dismantle themselves voluntarily through dialogue and negotiations, as is claimed by the Siniora government. How is it possible for this government to recover the dignity of the State and its free decision-making while a party inside and outside the government rejects UN resolution 1559, doubts the credibility of Judge Detlev Mehlis, and attacks the semi-annual report that Mr. Terje Roed-Larsen submitted recently to the Security Council.

It is truly amazing that the international community cares more about Lebanon that the country’s own people, and is keener to protect its sovereignty and its future than the country’s own rulers!!! This is indeed an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of nations and a pathological state that can only confirm the abyss of political and moral decadence to which this miserable country’s politicians have sunken.

Detlev Mehlis did not tire since receiving his mandate to investigate the assassination of Rafik Hariri, and appears to be determined to reach the top of the regime that ordered this assassination.

And Terje Roed-Larsen fears for Lebanon “on account of the armed groups that challenge the authority of the legitimate government, and the influx of weapons and people from Syria to the Palestinian camps in Lebanon” as stated in his report. He also adds, “That many Lebanese continue to maintain that Hizbullah is in fact not a militia is an interpretation that stands in stark contrast to the position of the United Nations , and that any Lebanese resistance to liberate the Shebaa Farms from a purported Israeli occupation cannot be considered legitimate. In addition, even if the Lebanese claim to the Shebaa Farms area were legitimate, it would be the responsibility of the Government of Lebanon only to address this claim in conformity with international law...” As to the participation of Hezbollah in the government, he says, “The carrying of arms outside the official armed forces is impossible to reconcile with the participation in power and in government in a democracy….” All these arguments are Mr. Larsen’s own, not to forget his request to delineate the borders between Lebanon and Syria and establish diplomatic relations between the two countries. We challenge any Lebanese official to match this man in the courage, accuracy, and objectivity of his positions!!!

Resolution 1636 makes reference five times to Lebanon’s sovereignty, independence, free decision-making, the unity of its people and the integrity of its territory, and Mr. Jack Straw, the British Foreign Minister linked the assassination of Hariri with the plight of the Lebanese people “to whom we are indebted with a better future”; And Ambassador John Bolton, the US delegate to the UN demanded “to mandate the international investigation committee to interrogate President Bashar Assad because no one is above the law, and if Assad devoted time to talk to the media, then he can devote time to talk to Judge Detlev Mehlis…”

This is a sample of the international positions that are cited here for the sake of contrasting them with the positions of the Lebanese political establishment, which makes one feel nauseated whenever one listens to them or reads them in the media. The greatest fear of the Lebanese people is that the nausea becomes contagious and afflicts the international community into abandoning the help it is providing Lebanon to extricate it from its chronic crisis!!

The Lebanese people in fact have wished a thousand times for a new Lebanese government headed by, for example, by Terje Roed-Larsen and whose foreign minister is Jack Straw and Detlev Mehlis its Justice Minister…etc. And so the question begs itself, “When will these terrible times that have suffocated Lebanon for more than half a century come to an end???

As to the leaders of the Party who remain in the Roumieh prison, they have now been denied their freedom for 50 days on the charge of believing in Lebanese Nationalism. We reiterate our demand that they be released immediately, and we hold the government fully responsible for the continued detention. We will continue to call for a Lebanese identity for Lebanon until the end of times.

Lebanon , at your service

Abu Arz
November 4, 2005