Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

        The Guardians of the Cedars-Nationals Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

        Despite the economic and social concern of the Lebanese which is becoming more pressing every day,and their anxiety over the future, their attention was focused, during the past few days,on the Vatican City where the ceremonies of the beatification of Father Nehmetalla Hardini were held, thereby joining to the long list of  Lebanese saints. This ceremony bolster the image of Lebanon as a country of sainthood and a land of benevolence and martyrdom.

        This ceremony has brought out the surprising contradiction of the simultaneous presence of deep rooted sainthood in Lebanon and the depravity of the politicians who have held power for more than fifty years, bringing about all sorts of calamities, and transformed our country from a land carrying a universal message of civilization, liberty and sainthood, to a forsaken country covered with human and industrial garbage. And what is worse, his destiny is in the hands of a gang of perverted half wits.

        The cohabitation of sainthood and depravity should not be surprising, for it is well known that evil abounds, due to its aggressive and iniquitous nature, wherever good super abounds; evil digs deep under virtue wherever it is present, because it aims to fight good and promote evil over righteousness.

        Whoever looks superficially at the corruption implanted in the political centers, would think that it is a permanent and hopeless situation, whereas a deeper investigation will show that it is a temporary situation, or even a passing period and will necessarily recede before the sainthood which, as the Bible tells us, is a basis of Lebanon's genesis. And the forces of goodness, righteousness and beauty upon which Lebanon's message was initiated will certainly prevail.

        Therefore, because sainthood brings freedom and hope and because the phenomenon Hardini and his blessed Lebanese predecessors is a brilliant mark of time, this small nation will overcome the villains of the world who have joined hands to throw our country in a cauldron of fire, but the fire is unable to consume it, because, like the phoenix it always rises from its ashes.

At the service of Lebanon,

The Chief,
Etienne Sacre.