Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

        The guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement, commenting on the recent events in Indonesia and the expected revolution in Lebanon, issued the following communiqué:

        Neither the 300 or more of the races that form the Indonesian people, nor the country's geography which spreads over some 1500 islands, were able to prevent the people's revolution which ousted Suharto from power. The language of hunger, of the desire of freedom, of changing unacceptable situations and the refusal of oppression, are languages with which all nations speak to their rulers.

        The Indonesian people did not wait for a green light from any quarter to revolt. Their revolt was spontaneous and prompted solely by anguish and the desire for a decent life. What better proof is there of the impossibility of the regimes in power to coerce and silence their people when the sentiment of revolt and change is mature.

        We raise the Indonesian example in order to open the eyes of the Taef gang to the following facts:

  1. If they think that they need have no cause for uneasiness and that they control indefinitely the situation, they are absolutely mistaken . Neither their enormous fortunes, nor the foreign support on which they are counting, will save them from the wrath of the people any more than did the forty billion dollars amassed by the Suharto family and the foreign backing their regime enjoyed.
  2. If they believe that the Lebanese people are incapable of deposing them, again they are absolutely mistaken, for, in addition to relying upon the constants of history, the Lebanese are renowned for possessing an immense energy and exceptional capabilities, and when they feel that the conditions for revolt are ripe, they will not hesitate for an instant to revolt. History is their best witness.

        And finally, the present conditions in Lebanon can best resemble those of Indonesia: the climate is prepared and ripe for insurrection more than ever before ... And pending the time when the conditions and circumstances for the success of the revolt which even now are at our doorstep, the Lebanese people alone will determine Zero-Hour. And the Taef gang will be toppled over, definitely and permanently.

At the service of Lebanon

The chief of the Party,
Etienne Sacre.