Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

        The guardians of the Cedars, National Lebanese Movement commenting on the recent visit of the French President to Lebanon, issued the following communiqué:

        Thus, in less than two years, this is President Chirac's third visit to Lebanon. What's more, this visit is concomitant with the municipal elections. The ordinary observer cannot see in this a pure coincidence, since the visit aims at giving an international legal cover to these elections as well as an anticipated cover for the coming Presidential election.

        The timing of the visit did not divert the attention of the Lebanese from their worries and the fate of their country. On the contrary, their disarray led them to question the opportunity of the visit since the balance of power is moving more and more towards the stranger against the member of the family, and so, its only motive can only be brainwashing to sweeter the pill the Lebanese have to swallow.

        In view of these unsound facts, the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars and indeed all the Lebanese people, ask the French President the following questions:

  1. On the economic level:
    Are the 20 billion dollars that are Lebanon's national debt a trifling amount, or are they a fearful presentiment of disaster on the Lebanese taxpayer who falls between the hammer of the private investor and the anvil of an immense and complicated public debt?

  2. On the level of demography:
    How can France, the supposed Guardian of Liberty and Human rights, accept the presence of more than two million foreigners on Lebanese soil, and how can she accept the passage of the law on citizenship which threatens Lebanon's very sensitive demographic balance in the absence of a decent and honorable government, and a healthy vision of a national concept, as is the case here at present?

  3. On the level of resorting faith in Lebanon.
    Where is at present the world's faith in Lebanon? To date, our country is still listed among the countries that shelter and export terrorism. Did the successive visits of the French President contribute to rescind the verdict of the international community against us?

  4. On the level of the French role:
    What did France effectively do to liberate Lebanon? Did she demand the implementation of the Security Council Decisions, the 520 in particular, which stipulates in its preamble and in one of its clauses the liberation of Lebanon from all the occupations of his soil?

        Pending the answer of the French Government whom we respect and esteem, the French President cannot blame us for down-grading his visit, because France, to this moment, still looks one-sidedly at our cause, entrusting the lamb to the wolf, and, until further notice, blaming the first for the actions of the second...

At the service of Lebanon,

The Chief,
Etienne Sacre.