Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement issued the following communique concerning the Palestinian implantation in Lebanon:

After the announcement by the Prime Minister of Israel of his refusal of allowing the return of the Palestinian refugees to Israel, the local media and political and diplomatic circles have returned to speak of the implantation of these refugees on our land.

We begin with commending the Lebanese Government's firm refusal of their settlement, and hope it will remain steadfast on this position notwithstanding foreign pressure, and expect it to reinforce its position with all the means at its disposal.

In view of the importance of this matter and its ominous repercussions on the
Lebanese entity, we find it necessary to proclaim the following unyielding musts:

  1. We refuse the settlement of the Palestinian refugees on ideological grounds created by the varied savage criminal activities they perpetrated against Lebanon and his people. We also hold them responsible for starting the war against a country whose only fault was to provide them refuge when they were fleeing their homes.
  2. We refuse settlement of the Palestinian refugees on demographic grounds caused by the onslaught of foreigners in frightful numbers on our country of a very limited area, which may result in a demographic explosion that will threaten its identity, its destiny and its perpetuity, since we already have some 600 persons per square kilometer, one of the world's highest ratios.
  3. We refuse the settlement of the Palestinian refugees on historical grounds created by the long lasting animosity between the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples which exploded in the recent years in a dreadful war apparently to combat Israel under the slogan: "The road to Israel passes through Jounieh," but in reality to carve out a substitute State for the Palestinians in Lebanon.
  4. As for the countries that object to the Lebanese position regarding settlement, we call upon them to open their borders and receive the Palestinians instead of shedding "crocodile tears" on their fate. We assure these countries that we are not ready to sacrifice Lebanon for a people who have shown us the utmost ingratitude and rejection.

Moreover, we wish to remind those whose memory has failed them that the motto launched by our Party at the beginning of the war ."There will not remain a Palestinian on Lebanese soil," still stands and we are determined to implement it however long it will take and whatever means are necessary. We also wish to assure those whose resolution has weakened that the settlement will never happen, because it is easier to mix water and oil than it is to mix the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples.

At the Service of Lebanon,
The Chief,
Etienne Sacre.