Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement concerning the expectations of the Lebanese from the peace process, issued the following communique:

The Lebanese are suffering from the persistent Syrian hegemony over their destiny; their despair of recovering their autonomy; their lassitude from seeking to recover their independence, and their anguish caused by political occlusion on all fronts.

Considering all this, their only expectation of salvation rests with the peace process in the hope that it will free them from the abominable yoke that is strangulating them for more than a quarter of a century.

However, when the Lebanese consider the development of the peace negotiations and the declarations made by the decision makers, their expectation abates because of international endorsement of the oneness of the Lebanese and Syrian tracks, which, in effect, means giving the Syrians a free hand in determining Lebanon's destiny!

This is what the Lebanese of all parties and beliefs refuse and look to the two decision making powers, namely the United States of America, because it is the sponsor of the peace process, and Israel which is the main party concerned. They expect the United States which professes to be the protector of liberty and democracy in the world, to snatch the Lebanon from Syrian claws, thereby permitting him to recover his liberty and democracy; and from Israel to direct the negotiations with Lebanon on the basis of the Security Council's Decision 520 and not Decision 425, since the application of Decision 425 solely will keep Lebanon under Syrian occupation and a source of constant harassement for Israel and indeed, for the Region.

The Lebanese also petition the US Administration to adopt the project of the Congress Resolution HR 2056 presented by Representative Mike Forbes, requiring the immediate withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon at the risk of economic sanctions and the lifting of political cover on Syria as a protector of terrorism.

The freedom required by the Lebanese is a prerequisite of the lasting and just peace the decision making powers speak of achieving. Otherwise the peace will be at best temporary and inequitable... This we reject and is rejected by the conscience of the International Community, by human values and by the Charter of Human Rights.

At the Service of Lebanon,

The Chief,

Etienne Sacre.