Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

Concerning the official Lebanese position regarding the Palestinian refugees, the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

When the Lebanese-Palestinian war broke out in 1975, the government fell apart and the Army collapsed and most of our politicians sided with "Abu Ammar" outbidding each other to win his favors...We therefore improvised with our allies of the Lebanese Resistance a substitute army and routed them in several battles. We also proclaimed the need of expelling them from our country by issuing the slogan: There will not remain a single Palestinian on Lebanese soil.

The politicians then taxed us with extremism, isolationism, chauvinism and other repugnant attributes. But now, after a long dormancy, they awakened to the danger of the Palestinian presence, and unanimously agreed to refuse their implantation. They ordered the blockade of their camps and began to track down the wanted by justice... It took them a quarter of a century to awaken and thousands of choice Lebanese youth dead, wounded and disabled that fell in the battles they waged in the place of our Army and Security Forces.

And when, in 1976, the Syrian Army invaded Lebanon under the cover of peace forces to separate the combatants, we confronted it and demanded-and never ceased to demand- its withdrawal... Once more we were accused with extremism, treason and mercenenariness. They used the Lebanese courts to issue judgements against us in our absence... In the meantime, most of the politicians sided, as usual, with the occupants, hurried to seek their favors, fulfill their desires and brainwashed public opinion to accept them. They gave up everything in the hope of winning a ministry or an official position. Little did they heed to the dignity, the interests and the feelings of the Lebanese people. But now, we feel sure that the time of change is dawning and light will be shed on Verity and then we will see how will these politicians fare with the new order, or rather how we shall fare with them after a quarter of a century of terrible distress and sacrifices we offered on the altars of Verity and Lebanon!

And when we warned against the danger of Iranian fanaticism in Lebanon, and resisted it alongside our allies in the noble Lebanese Resistance, they raised hell against us. The Lebanese government heaped all sorts of abuses against us, plotted to harm us. It used every means of coercion against our relatives on the checkpoints... And as usual, our politicians outbid each other in backing these fanatic groups, despite the fact that deep in their hearts they knew that this scourge is no less dangerous on The Lebanese identity and people than the Syrian and Palestinian plagues!

And every day, we have to listen to persons asking: "Why did all these afflictions fall upon us? Why are all these disasters thrashing us? Why did Lebanon sink so low in depravity?" And as always, we answer truthfully: "Because our politicians have not tasted the wrath of justice! But who knows!?"

At the Service of Lebanon,
the chief,
Etienne Sacre.