Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement, issued on January 24/200, the following communiqué expressing its extreme concern in regards to the so-called Lebanese-Syrian mutual treaties imposed by Syrian occupation. The number of these "Faramans" exceeded twenty and definitely they will be on the increase as long as Syria occupies Lebanon, and controls fully, its puppet officials. The party raises the following facts:

The Lebanese people have not shown an appropriate approach in regards to these mockery treaties, or voiced their protest loudly and aggressively.  But the majority is aware Syria has imposed these unfair biased treaties that in fact are "Faramans, no more no less. All of them are in favor of Syria and against the Lebanese interests. Syria aims from imposing such "Faramens" to destroy Lebanon as an independent entity in a bid to annex it in future.

Despite the oppression, fear, coercion and persecution inflicted on them, the civilized people of Lebanon are fully aware that these treaties are dictated by Syria on an illegitimate Lebanese-Syrian installed collaborating regime that does not represent their hopes, wishes or aspirations. They are also confident that any treaty imposed by an occupier is illegal and will be void and null once the occupation ends.

Deep in their hearts, the Lebanese people are convinced these mockery treaties will be short lived because they lack the constituents of longevity.  Moreover, all other imposed  legislation by foreign occupying forces will end by the end of the occupation. A live example in this regard is the 1969 Cairo Accord, the May 17, 1983 Accord, the  1985 Egyptian-Syrian union etc. Therefore, the only treaties that will long live are those reached by mutual consensus between free people and elected legitimate governments. Treaties that protect the interests of the countries signing them. Recent agreements reached between the West European countries are a role model in this field.

Lebanese patriotic people are confident the vicious schemes aiming for a Lebanese-Syrian unity are doomed to failure despite the extensive brainwashing, persecution, atrocities on human rights, thievery, corruption and Mafiosi-like official practices. The reality is that the two countries are extremely different in almost every thing, in geopolitics, history, roots, identity, culture, democracy, multicultural milieus and mentality. The best and most recent evidence of this enmity is the Lebanese-Syrian war that broke out in 1976 and is still going on like embers under the ashes.

However, what the Syrians fail to perceive is that Lebanon's present downfall has reached rock bottom and the rise is imminent. And then the tables will be turned!

At the Service of Lebanon,
the Chief,
Etienne Sacre.