Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

February 7/2000

Press release
the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement, calls on the USA to help the Lebanese people in their quest for liberation

For many years our ears have been hammered with the comprehensive and just peace slogan. It has been rhetorical ruminated, emptied of its meaning and bragged with in almost every occasion, with and without fair justification. It has been made a theme for every Arab and Israeli negotiator and for every Peace Process meeting.

The Syrians have vocalized this slogan so often and it seems they may eventually succeed in recovering the Golan Heights they lost more than 30 years ago. The Egyptians, Palestinians and Jordanians have also used successfully this tactic.

The Lebanese, on the other hand, feel that there is a tendency to exclude them from this  comprehensive and just peace process. In other words, the projected peace plan may not be so comprehensive as to offer the Lebanese their legitimate rights in liberty and absolute sovereignty on their own land.

Apparently the recent Washington Syrian-Israeli negotiations have been tailored to bring relief and serenity to both countries. In the same context these negotiations are a source of fear and pain for the people of Lebanon. The Lebanese feel these negotiations will lead to the withdrawal of Israeli troops from South Lebanon without a simultaneous withdrawal of Syrian troops from the rest of their country. This simply indicates that Lebanon will be the only country in the Middle East region that will not benefit from the Peace Process. On the contrary this process might keep Lebanon under Syrian hegemony and occupation.

Even more painful and scary is the negotiation delegation that Beirut's regime has appointed to participate when the time comes in the Israeli-Syrian negotiations. The members of this delegation are void and null from any Lebanese affiliation. Syria appointed them and Syrian orders they shall obey. They will be fully subservience to the Syrian delegation and will defend in parrot-like manner Syrian interests not those of Lebanon!

Still more painful is that Syria's customary diabolic tactics have succeeded in excluding Lebanon from the comprehensive and just peace process. Syria has confiscated Lebanon's free decision making process and installed a puppet Lebanese regime. Even worse Syria has succeeded in manipulating the sponsors of the Peace Process and the International Community to acknowledge the unjust bizarre situation it imposes on Lebanon ignoring all the Lebanese rights.

The Lebanese people in both Lebanon and Diaspora call on the United State of America to save Lebanon, the country with 6000 years of history and civilization. The USA has a moral and international obligation to put an end to Syria's arrogance and safeguard Lebanon from the criminal atrocities and infringements committed by Syria against Lebanon's peace loving people. The people of Lebanon call on the mightiest power in the world, the USA, to help them reclaim back their independence, freedom, free decision making process and sovereignty. 

It should be clear to the whole world that Peace in the Middle East will never be fair, just or comprehensive if Lebanon is left out and if its people are left alone to suffer Syrian persecution, murder and humiliation.

At the Service of Lebanon,
The chief,
Etienne Sacre.