Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

        Commenting on the project of creating the so-called Brigades of Lebanese Resistance, the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

        The fanatical gangs of Lebanon are trying to rally the Lebanese around its military undertakings in the south by changing its name into that of Brigades of Lebanese Resistance, and opening their ranks to volunteers from the other Lebanese denominations in an attempt to wipe out its sectarian character.

        In connection with this intention, it is necessary to emphasize the following points:

  1. We hasten to say that this concept is a sign of weakness rather than one of strength, since it aims to bolster their ranks with new elements, now that they have lost a good deal of their fighters in the hopeless war they are waging in the South.
  2. It is an attempt to a national tinge to these fanatical gangs by opening their ranks to other religions, whereas in reality they are far from being national since they obey to the Syrian and Iranian regimes.
  3. It is an attempt to lure the weak in mind and in faith among the Lebanese and hurling them in the cauldron of this unequal war against Israel.
  4. The majority of the sections of the Lebanese people and their political blocs refuse this mode of sectarian fanaticism, and even oppose it, especially after the horrible crimes consisting of slaying women and children by cutting their throats committed in Algeria; against tourists in Egypt; innocent civilians on the roads of the Border Strip, the bombing of the inhabitants of Jezzine, of the children's village in Sfarey and the people of Beit Leif and other cities.
  5. If these gangs are fighting the South Lebanon Army pretexting that it is Israel's ally, how can it justify its alliance, or rather its subordination and even servility to Syria and Iran? By what right do they classify the Lebanese as loyal citizens and renegades? Who gave them the right to declare some people traitors and to kill them with premeditation and in cold blood?
  6. If these gangs are really vigilant in guarding the national sovereignty and the security of the Lebanese territory, how can they justify their acceptance of the Syrian occupation which is transgressing the greater part of this territory; commandeer all the aspects of political life in Lebanon? And how do they explain their differentiation between occupations? Between sisterly occupation and enemy occupation?

        We conclude from the above that this project is headed for complete failure, just as all the fanatic schemes that preceded it because Lebanon never tolerated sectarian movements, especially if its bases are foreign. Indeed, Lebanon never failed to expel sooner or later every foreign clique.


At the service of Lebanon,
The Chief,

Etienne Sacre.