Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

In connection of the third session of Syrian-Israeli negotiations, the Party of the guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

The third session of the negotiations between Syria and Israeli may soon be held in the absence of Lebanon and in the presence of his burning file, thereby rousing the anger and the anxiety of the Lebanese.

  1. Their anger stems from the deliberate exclusion of their country and the determination of its destiny in its absence, thereby reducing it, in one of the most decisive phases of its modern history, to a mere subject under deliberation. Their anger is also roused by the wanton silence of the political circles that borders on collusion-not to say treachery-, covered by an attempt to justify this silence with explanations and excuses that are worse than the shortcoming. It seems that these political circles seek to entrap and convince the Lebanese that the interest of Lebanon is best served by his absence from the negotiations.
  2. The anxiety of the Lebanese stems from their apprehension of what the peace might bring, rather than from yearning for peace as is normally expected. Their apprehension is caused by their fear that peace will be achieved at the expense of their security, their freedom and independence, in addition to the dread that matters detrimental to their national interest may be forced upon them. This means that in times of peace, they will suffer as much as in times of war, if not more. But their greatest fear is that the clique of politicians in power will continue their allegiance to Syria once peace is established, and that the terrorist organizations will continue to expand and increase their activities, heedless of the authority of the government, and even dominate it and dictate its course of action, even more than is the case at present.

If the Lebanese yearn for peace and, in the truth, they are its apostles, they yearn even more for independence, freedom and sovereignty because they believe that no true peace can be achieved without them.

It devolves upon the people in office to realize that the Lebanese who refused the imported security agents and proved their inefficiency in the recent events in our North, they also refuse imported peace and will do everything they can in order to abort it and establish a genuine peace.

At the Service of Lebanon,

the chief,
Etienne Sacre.