Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

Commenting on the spiteful vociferation's against the Maronite Patriarchal, the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

Some weeks ago voices of evil were raised, directing this time their wrath against the Maronite Patriarch, building up their fury to reach a peak in revulsion and shame, while upright and honorable voices remained silent, or silenced.

The nauseating in all this is the evil chorus that attacks respectable dignitaries and accuses honorable personalities of conspiracy, while it is itself deeply involved in a double conspiracy with Syria and Iran, and completely under their domination, as it is well known the world over. The world also knows that the honorable Resistance in the South is composed of an elite that shoulders the noble Lebanese Cause. It alone defends what little freedom and dignity remains in this country traumatized by Syrian-Iranian hatred that wiped away every trace of dignity and self-respect. But the world knows and remains silent! Herein lays the dilemma, for whoever does not uphold righteousness is a silent villain!

If this evil chorus blames the Patriarchal for having delegated someone to offer condolences on the occasion of martyrdom of Akl Hachem, the worthy Lebanese blame it for more than one failing:

  1. Because the Patriarch did not provide his delegate with a Patriarchal letter denoting the great sacrifices consented by this heroic martyr throughout a quarter of a century of continuous zeal on the alter of Lebanon and his sacred cause.
  2. Because the Patriarchal weakened in the face of this evil chorus, and alarmed, it backed up, stammered excuses, and sent to this evil chorus enjoys insisting upon its approval of their terrorist activity in the South. This has deeply hurt the Lebanon in his dignity and the Lebanese in their honor.
  3. Because it has failed to condemn Syrian occupation openly and explicitly and to expound its mortal danger on the existence, identity and destiny of Lebanon. And even more for failing to condemn the fanatic Iranian invasion which is spreading like cancer in Lebanon, threatening of the worst consequences.

The Patriarchal, was throughout ages the mainstay of the country, the voice raised in the face of evil, the safety valve in dire times, and the arm directed against traitors and enemies... That is why the Patriarch is called upon today, more than at any time in the past, to seek inspiration from the historical role played by his predecessors and take a dauntless stand in the face of the agents of evil, defend justice and revive the glory of the Patriarchal, of which it was once said:

"The glory of Lebanon was given unto it!"

At the Service of Lebanon,
Etienne Sacre