Guardians of the Cedars- National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

UN SC. Res. 520 requires ALL foreign entities to leave Lebanon, to allow Lebanese nationals to return to their homes, without legal action against the 6,000 Lebanese nationals who fled to Israel, and the disarmament and disbanding of Syrian and Iranian militias such as HizbAllah. These three conditions are paramount for a free and sovereign Lebanon in order to allow a national reconciliation to take place.

The Guardians of the Cedar ask the Beirut Government to seize the occasion and demand that the Lebanese National Sovereignty be established throughout all of Lebanon - all 10,452 Square KM - and expel Syrian forces from Lebanon.

The United Nations and the Great Powers must assume their responsibilities with respect to Lebanon and demand that Syrian occupying forces leave the soil of Lebanon.

We offer ourselves so that the national reconciliation can take place and we hope that our offer is taken into account. We offer ourselves so that peace can be established in our homes and we also point out that without freedom there cannot be peace.

Abu ARZ.