Politics and Economics

The economic situation in Lebanon has continued to deteriorate with the years. This is accompanied by a total indifference of the politicians in Beirut and from the high religious authorities.

Any judicious person knows that under occupation, a country cannot be built, especially when the occupier is economically and culturally weaker than the countries he occupies. Therefore, as long as Syria continues to occupy Lebanon, the economic situation in Lebanon is going from bad to worse.

Syria, by maintaining its political and military grip over Lebanon, steals the resources of the country and imposes its enterprises and workers on the Lebanese market.

In the absence of any growth and benefits to the Lebanese economy and to the Lebanese people, the latter’s can in no way be interested by or be ready to participate seriously in the political life. And thus, the country is abandoned to the wolves and the ravens which are fighting each other in order to get the crumbs left to them by the Syrian occupation.

End of the communiqué.

The Guardians of the Cedars, France