Press Release from the Guardians of the Cedars
September 3/2000

The Central Committee for the Guardians of the Cedars, the Lebanese Resistance Movement, held its regular weekly meeting on September 3/2000 under the chairman of Mr. Abu Arz and the presence of all committee members. Local and regional issues were on the agenda including the so-called parliamentary election process orchestrated and manipulated entirely by the Syria occupier.

At the end of the meeting, the committee issued the following statement in relation to the so-called parliamentary election process that in fact is a big lie and a scandalous mockery fully orchestrated by the Syrian occupier and its Lebanese subservient puppets:

  1. We are positively sure the people of Lebanon are by now fully aware of the vicious conspiracies behind the parliamentary election mockery. This comedy play has nothing to do with democracy or freedom, it is a mere tool used by Syria to tighten its dictatorship grip on our beloved occupied country.
  2. The scandalous pilgrimage of Lebanese officials and politicians to Damascus, during the so-called election campaign unveils the dirty role Syria is playing in Lebanonís internal affairs. All those who wanted an MP post had to be interviewed by their Syrian masters for approval after paying a huge money fee and pledge to obey Syriaí Faramans blindly (Instructions).
  3. Syriaís disgusting meddling in the election process has been in the open with no shame, especially in relation to the Capital, Beirut. Few days before the election date, Syrian authorities summoned to Damascus in a humiliating manner the Lebanese PM, an ex PM, the House Speaker and other prominent politicians. They all were handed commanding instructions, (Faramans) to secure the success of Syriaís subservient nominees running for MP post in the capital no matter what the voting results are.
  4. It is worth mentioning that all Lebanese citizens and politicians who participate in the so-called election process in their capacity as nominees or voters would be committing an unforgivable national sin. Their shameful and treacherous actions have nothing to do with opposition. Through their stupid participation they will be serving Syriaís interests much more then the well-known Lebanese Syrian installed and made in Syria politicians and officials. They will be granting Syria and its local Lebanese puppets a legitimacy they are not entitled to have.
  5. The Guardians of the Cedars party promises the people of Lebanon to keep carrying the liberation and freedom torch, no matter what the sacrifices are. The partyís leadership renews its solid belief in Lebanonís national convictions and recognizes the fact that no freedom, security, dignity, sovereignty or independence would be honored in the presence of the Syrian occupation.
  6. The Guardians of the Cedars party, the Lebanese Resistance movement will courageously keep witnessing for the truth, fight for Lebanonís independence and defend Lebanonís freedoms and dignity.

Long Live Free Lebanon

Abu Arz

Partyís Chairman