Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate


The Central Committee of the Guardians of the Cedars- the National Lebanese Resistance, held its regular weekly meeting on September 21, 2000 under the chairman of Mr. Abu Arz, to discuss and focus in particular on the Maronite Bishops' statement, issued on September the 20th following a Council meeting chaired by Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Butrus Sfeir. They hailed the appeal that calls for the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon and blames Syria for Lebanon's economic woes. Although the Maronite Bishops' appeal has come relatively late, the Party issued the following remarks:

  1. The appeal agreed with the party's stance that the last, Syrian orchestrated, Lebanese parliamentary election was manipulated and forged by the Syrians. The election was not democratic and the Lebanese-Syrian authorities made bold and illegal interference that were shamefully executed in fields of intimidation, bribery, oppression, harassment and discrimination.
  2. The appeal agreed with the party's declaration stating that Israel has fully implemented the UN Resolution 425, while Syria did not implement the other UN Resolution 520 that calls for the withdrawal of its troops and all their subsidiaries from Lebanon. The Syrians and their Lebanese official puppets tagged the Guardians of the Cedars as traitors because they have always considered the Syrians as enemies and that, since 1976. We wonder what is the Syrians' justification to keep their troops and all their subsidiaries in Lebanon after the Israeli withdrawal?
  3. The appeal fully agreed with the party's stance in relation to the devastating dangers imposed on the Lebanese labor force by1.5 million illegal Syrian workers, and thousands of other foreign workers. They have invaded Lebanon depriving the Lebanese people of their jobs and have forced one million of them to immigrate since 1990.
  4. We wonder why the resistance against Israel is sacred and decent in the eyes of the puppet Lebanese authorities, while the same act against other occupation forces, especially the Syrian occupation troops, is considered an act of treason and an infringement on Lebanon's laws?
  5. The shameful negative comments and rhetorical mercenary stances adopted by certain politicians, officials, and clergymen against the latest Maronite Bishops' appeal were fully dictated by Syria. The Syrian regime ordered these Lebanon's puppets to come to its rescue in a bid to abort all patriotic calls for the withdrawal of its occupation army. There is not one genuine Lebanese who does not strongly reject the presence of the Syrian troops in Baabda, in the vicinity of both the presidential palace and the Ministry of Defense as well as on main cross roads and near governmental and other vital institutions: (Airport, Port, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, etc.)

The Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Resistance, strongly supports the Maronite Bishops' latest appeal which is purely based on national and not on sectarian reasons. What in fact effects Lebanon's Christians, effects as well its Muslims.

Time has come for all the Lebanese people to join Forces and call in one unified strong voice on the Syrians to immediately leave Lebanon. There will be no peace, stability or security, before the withdrawal of the Syrian occupation forces from Lebanon. Then, and only then, Lebanon can reclaims its independence, sovereignty and its distinguishable natural position in the Middle East.

God Bless Lebanon and its people

At the Service of Lebanon, Abu Arz.

Sweden, September 21/2000