Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate.

The Central Directorate of the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement, held its weekly session to discuss the present situation in Lebanon and, focussing on the Palestinian Refugees' declarations in Lebanon, issued the following communiqué:

Just Suddenly the Palestinian voices were raised again and their intentions for Lebanon who suffered greatly by their presence and their transgressions from 1948 up to this day were uncovered. This prompted the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement to lay before the Lebanese and international public opinion the following facts:

  1. Those who betrayed their people will not be faithful to other people's country, and this is what the Palestinians did to the Lebanese in 1975. This is what we said in 1975 and what is still true in 2000, and will remain so as long as remains a single Palestinian on our soil.
  2. The call of the Palestinian terrorists of Fateh Organization in Lebanon, Aboul Aynain, Makdah and Abu Mehjen to open our southern frontier for the renewal of terrorist operations against Israel, after it has withdrawn from all Lebanese territory in accordance with UNSC Decision 425 is a clear provocation to incite the Israelis to return to the South in order to create a state of war between Lebanon and Israel.
  3. In the wake of these declarations and the terrorist parades inside the encampments, it is the duty of the Lebanese Authority to enter these encampments in order to requisition the arms and to request the neighboring countries to receive the Palestinians because the least that can be said about these actions is that they are a threat to the security and the stability of the State and a plain call for the disobedience of the law.
  4. Syrian and Egyptian intervention in Lebanese National Affairs is a violation of our freedom, our independence our sovereignty and our honor. We call upon them to refrain from meddling in our affairs and leave us alone and focus on their own affairs and the welfare of their people, since we have never meddled in their internal affairs.
  5. We fully support the Lebanese who adopted our position regarding the necessity of finding a radical solution to the crisis caused by Palestinian presence on our soil. The Palestinian presence, whether armed or unarmed, will never be part of Lebanon's destiny. We request their immediate departure from Lebanon according to our slogan: "There will not remain a single Palestinian on Lebanese land."
  6. The attitudes of the Maronite Patriarch and Patriarch Hazim reflect the reality of the Lebanese situation and the importance of the liberty of opinion, of faith and of the conviction that Lebanon is a free, independent and Sovereign State. They further reflect the apprehension and the grievances of the people when the politicians who claim to represent them are completely indifferent to their plight.

The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars- National Lebanese Movement calls whomever it should concern and whom we wish to be concerned, for the creation of a strong Government backed by a powerful Army.

God, Right and Lebanon are the Trinity of our presence. And for this Trinity we carried arms. And for this Trinity we shall continue to fight.

At the Service of Lebanon,

Chief of party,
Etienne Sacre.

Sweden, 2000-10-16