Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate


The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars- National Lebanese Movement held its weekly meeting and discussed the current problems, in particular the Quornet Chehwan document as well as the latest Maronite Bishops’ communiqué and stressed the following points:

  1. The Maronite Bishops’ decision regarding the non-participation of Patriarch Sfeir in the reception of the Pope in Syria is a brave one. We hereby thank Patriarch Sfeir and the Maronite Bishops and tell them that in this decision they have become much closer to their people and more faithful to the blood of the heroes who fell on the altar of the Lebanese Cause.
  2. The Party of the Guardians of the Cedars considers Bkerki as a national authority, and when the Patriarch speaks he speaks on behalf of all the Lebanese, from the extreme South to the extreme North, expressing their problems, their fears and their anxiety for their future and destiny. The Patriarch can very well do without the approval of anybody, for he is way above the quibbling of nondescript people who sold their souls to the devil and lack the slightest speck of morality, politeness and patriotism. To those who hold that speaking of sovereignty, freedom and independence is disheartening, we say that they are trash and should be ashamed enough to shut up!
  3. After a careful and detailed scrutiny of the Quornet Chehwan document we find it necessary to formulate the following remarks:

A- Arabity is a plague on Lebanon and the Arabs;

B- When Lebanon and its cause are at stake, no other cause is of importance, and particularly the Palestinian cause. Lebanon who has sheltered them has suffered so much by the Palestinian presence on our soil and accordingly brought misery to our nation. Consequently, we refuse granting them the Lebanese Nationality and even repudiate their presence, with or without arms, on our soil; `

C- We were, and still are, against the Taef Accord which was elaborated under coercion on foreign soil and is therefore a sectarian plot whose only advantage is that it stopped the thundering of canons;

D- We register a single positive point in the Quornet Chehwan document, which is the request of the departure of the Syrian troops from Lebanon and the setting of a timetable for such a withdrawal.

For all these reasons,

Those who reap are only those who work for the good.

At the Service of Lebanon,

Etienne Sakr.