Guardians of the Cedars-National Lebanese Movement
Central Directorate

The Central Committee of the Guardians of the Cedars- National Lebanese Movement, held its weekly meeting and discussed the current Lebanese, regional and international situation, in particular the declaration of the Syrian General Mustafa Tlass and the sectarian discourse that emerge from time to time, and issued the following communiqué :

  1. The Manorite Patriarcate, since the days of Youhanna Maroun to this day, presents a clear and straightforward Lebanese position that is directly concerned with the fears, anxieties and aspirations of the people ; and whereas Patriarch Sfeir represents the conscience of Lebanon, we wish to point out the following facts :

A- The declaration of Mustafa Tlass concerning Patriarch Sfeir is an acerbic interference in Lebanese affairs in line with the current Syrian policy aiming at swallowing Lebanon;

B- The attack against the Patriarchal See and its occupant as well as the falsehoods accompanying it can only raise disdain, scorn and contempt since it emanates from the basest morality and upbringing;

C- No ordinary employee in the Syrian political apparatus has the right to look at or speak with haughtiness of the prestige of Patriarch Sfeir, the Patriarch of Antioch and all the Levant.

  1. The present political declaration is dangerously sectarian and we affirm that we will confront any sectarian document with every possible means because it is designed to make believe that the war in Lebanon is a civil and sectarian war, which was never the case.

Finally, the Party leaders call upon the Lebanese people to wake up to the danger facing the Lebanese nation, to oppose every foreigner on Lebanese soil and to request the full implementation of UNSC Decision 520.

At the service of Lebanon,

Etienne Sacre. Lebanon, 14/5/2001.