Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement
General Directorate.

        Regarding the current problems that are discussed in the Lebanese political circles, the party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

        Since the days of President Sarkis, the Lebanese regime is occupied in overseeing the crisis, instead of seeking to solve it by concentrating on the cores rather than on the substance. This has prolonged the crisis through the past quarter of a century, and made it far beyond the means of those who attempt to solve it.

        The projected municipal elections which widely absorb the media and the political circles, is a good example of the cores, since their holding, their postponement or their canceling, will have no effect on the extraction of the cancerous organs that plague the substance of the Lebanese crisis.

        Similarly, the proposed reform of the Constitution, and before that, the reform of the Administration, and now, the project of civil marriage which has begun to be discussed on several levels, as well as the law of illicit enrichment, etc., will engross the attention of the political circles to no avail. They are all propositions that touch the core of the problem but will not penetrate to its substance.

        As for the Security Council resolution 425 which has become the leitmotiv of this wretched regime, it also touches the core of the problem, not its substance, since its unconditional implementation will not solve the crisis, but will only complicate it, and what is worse, it will afford the Syrians the means to extend their unrestrained occupation on all the Lebanese territory. Furthermore, the claim that Israeli withdrawal from the South will incite the Syrians to withdraw from Lebanon is a false approach, and is disproved by the nature of the Syrian regime which is founded on expansionist dreams.

        Therefore, we invite the decision making nations, with the United States at their head to:

  1. tackle the substance of the Lebanese crisis by seeking to implement the Security Council resolution 520 which stipulates the withdrawal of all foreign occupations and restore to Lebanon his liberty, independence and sovereignty;

  2. realize the extent of the danger in keeping Lebanon in the whirlpool of the crisis, for it may make of this geographically small country the arena of a war that will threaten regional, and perhaps even world peace.


At the service of Lebanon,
The Chief,

Etienne Sacre.