Party of the Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement


Commenting on the recent by-elections in the Metn region, the following communiqué was issued by the Party of the Guardians of the Cedars - Lebanese National Movement:

Despite the fact that the Party was still firm on its position of boycotting elections under foreign occupation, it observed closely the by-elections of the Metn region, and considered it a glorious victory for the Movement of Opposition to the said occupation.

The Metn elections resumed the struggle of the Lebanese people, for it was a contention between the collaborators with the Occupation seeking its continuation and the forces rebelling against it and seeking its departure...

The result, as brilliantly shown by the clamorous popular manifestations, demonstrated that the vast majority of the Lebanese people are fed up with the situation and are determined to free themselves from this yoke that has exhausted their stamina, perverted their officials, impoverished them throughout the past quarter of a century.

The Party hopes that this partial victory will be the prelude to other and greater victories and the first step on the path of total and complete liberation.

Lebanon, at your service
June 5, 2002.