The Guardians of the Cedars

National Lebanese Front

In connection with the latest Arab Summit Conference, The Guardians of the Cedars issued the following communiqué:

There was nothing surprising in the Sharm Esh-Shaykh Summit, but it was, like all that preceded it, a living image of the revolting state of the Arabs ever since they created the so-called League of Arab Nations.

And, as usual, after untold hesitation, they met, shook hands, embraced, discussed, then disagreed, shouted and cursed... Then the mediators stepped in and they were reconciled and issued the communiqué that was previously drafted, using the bombastic Arabic vocabulary... And no sooner had they returned to their countries than they resumed their curses, but this time on the satellite radio and TV emissions.

What happened in that boisterous session is a pale image of the hatred, the loathing and the malice prevalent among the Arab regimes that presage their collapse in the foreseeable future.

As to their decision to condemn the war against Iraq, it will have no effect upon the US Administration which is rapidly marching towards war, since it is notorious that their decision does not emanate from their solicitude towards Iraq – having all joined against it in the first Gulf War –, but from personal considerations and interests.

* Some of them agreed to this decision in order to please and avoid reproach. This concerns in particular the North African countries, so distant from the war site and its repercussions;

* Others agreed as a means of maneuvering: the Gulf States that opened their bases to American and British troops.

* Still others agreed to save their heads: Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria, the latter for fear of becoming the second target after Iraq.

As for the Arab peoples, contrary to what is usually thought, they secretly support the war against Iraq, hoping that it will save them from a regime that treats its citizens with such brutality. And this, incidentally, is what explains why the Arabic street is so quite and uninvolved in comparison with the European street!

It is in this manner that the Arab Summits evolved since 1948. They were all summits of falsehood, intrigue and slander and an open bazaar for mean vituperation, overbidding, and, of course, for bellowing their leitmotiv: Arab glory!

As for Lebanon, whose decision is usurped, and sits with them round the conference table as the poor orphan, he plunged in blatant outbidding, to please his master the Wali of Damascus so deeply, that he raised the derision of the people, the ridicule of those present, and the disgust of the Lebanese!

We went hoarse demanding the withdrawal of Lebanon from this League to which he agreed by mistake and turned him into a battlefield for Arab-Arab feuds, and brought to him all sorts of calamities... And we were, every time, taxed with extremism and zeal!

That is why we return today, after the parody of Sharm Esh-Shaykh, to renew our demand for the withdrawal from the Arab League, if only in imitation of Libya.

Lebanon, at your service

Abu Arz,

March 8, 2003.