The Guardians of the Cedars - National Lebanese Movement issued the following communiqué:

How wonderful it is to see a people destroy the statues of their executioners! And how expressive was the scene in which we witnessed the Iraqi people gain their liberty and release their restrained wrath in such a splendid way in accordance with the proverb: The day will come for the despot to pay…

Every people in the world shared the elation of the Iraqis in overthrowing the despot who bullied them so savagely for such a long time…

Nevertheless, the elation of the Lebanese was mitigated because they still live under the hegemony of a foreign occupation and long for the break of the dawn of the promised liberty.

If the Iraqis regained their freedom by toppling a local regime that was devastating them, the freedom of the Lebanese will not be obtained until they topple both the overwhelming local regime that is effectively appointed by the Syrian occupation centered in Damascus, and the basest kind of dependency and vassalage of the Beirut government.

The free Lebanese consider the local regime more perilous to them than the foreign occupation because of a series of misdeeds the officials in power have committed and are still committing against Lebanon, namely:

  1. Selling the Lebanon: people, land and institutions, to the Syrian occupant through agreements concluded under the sham treaty dubbed: Treaty of Brotherhood, Collaboration and Coordination.
  2. Ascribing the character of legality to this occupation, covering its excessive crimes, shielding it by crushing the opposition and threatening its leaders.
  3. Strangling the public and personal freedoms, suppressing the bases of democracy and replacing it by a police system copied on the Syrian regime.
  4. Giving legal coverage to the terrorist organizations by calling them National Resistance, and overlooking the fanatical, fundamentalist organizations to please the Occupation authorities.
  5. The arabization of the school curricula by depriving it of its Lebanese authenticity, thereby threatening our youth with ignorance and retrogression.
  6. The selling of Lebanese land to the Gulf Arabs by Presidential Decrees in contravention with the Law of Transfer of Land Property to Foreigners, in such a way that, according to official estimates, the foreigners have acquired during the past two years over 959,000 square meters.
  7. Granting the Lebanese nationality to tens of thousands of paltry foreigners for personal or electoral advantages to the people in power, thereby creating a crucial demographic problem.

This is but an example of the colossal crimes our politicians have committed against our country. But our people await the proper occasion for smashing their statues following the example of the Iraqis. Beware of the day when the victim takes its revenge from its executioner, for the inequity of the oppressed against the oppressor is more terrible than that of the oppressor against the oppressed.

Lebanon, at your service,

Abu Arz,

April 12 2003.